KickassTorrents, the popular torrenting website notorious for hosting pirated content, has been down after the owner of the site was arrested for over $3 billion in piracy and distribution charges. The last KickassTorrents domains were pulled offline since the arrest and we thought that was the end.

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But the saga continues and KickassTorrents has appeared online again for sale under a new domain called This will now be the 8th domain in which KickassTorrents has been registered, which make us wonder if it will actually result in anything, or if anyone will actually have the nerve to purchase the domain and run it. According to the digital law where the domain is hosted in Costa Rica, the law protects the domain from any data leaks such as the US Government getting hold of the owner or origin of the domain.

Chances are, the US Government will probably purchase it and shut it down, or just shut it down after someone does. Right now it is all about bids as users around the world have placed bids on the KickassTorrents domain in hopes of them winning the domain for themselves.

We will have to wait and see if anything happens with the latest KickassTorrents domain which has appeared online, and if anything will actually come from the auction to sell it.

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