Forget VR porn, people are obsessed with Kitten VR. This puuurfect parody of what it would be like for cats to experience VR is hilariously accurate.

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Why should all the VR fun be left to the humans? Kitten VR lets your feline experience a different realm.

And you thought 9 lives was a lot, Kitten VR offers 25 different virtual worlds. What do cats do in virtual reality? Maybe they chase gold-fish in a giant fish bowl, really emerging into the experience. Or perhaps they rough house with some other cool cats. Gone are the days of sleeking through the city and experiencing dangers like traffic or being trampled by people. With Kitten VR your favourite feline can experience awesome new worlds without the real-world dangers. You can phone 855-796-MEOW (6369) now to get Kitten VR for your cat to expand its virtual universe.

It’s all a bit of fun and we obviously don’t recommend that you put any VR device on your poor cat’s head. And knowing cats, you’d probably come second if you even tried.

If there was a way for your pets to experience virtual reality, would you let them have that experience? Drop us a comment and let us know if you think VR and animals mix or whether you think it should be restricted to human use.

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