World of Warcraft: Legion is out! If you have never played the series before, or have been out of it for some time now, then this guide is for you. It is much easier than it seems to get into World of Warcraft: Legion.

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What To Buy

Before we start, it is important to know just what you need to buy to get into the game. Legion is the latest expansion in the series, but that does not mean that you only need to buy it, as you need the base game too. We recommend purchasing the Battle Chest 5. This box retails for R220, and includes every single World of Warcraft expansion to date, including Warlords of Draenor. The pack also comes with a 30-day game time card, so you can enjoy the game for 30 days before purchasing more time.

World of Warcraft Battle Chest 5

The Battle Chest 5 package is the best value for money. Now that you have your Battle Chest 5 content installed, you now need to look for a World of Warcraft: Legion copy. Visiting, you can purchase a digital key there, but if you are strapped for data, and do not want to download it all, then you can buy a physical copy of the game.

Character Boost Level 100

Each and every copy of World of Warcraft: Legion comes with a character boost to level 100. This is the best part of the experience, as you do not need to grind your way up to the top to experience the best expansion to date. After downloading all the content and loading into the game, you will be able to create a new character at level 100, or level up an existing one to level 100. You cannot jump into the Legion action until one of your characters are level 100, so this addition makes it great for newcomers.

World of Warcraft: Legion

The new Demon Hunter class, is also restricted until you get a character to level 75. So using this level boost on him, or on another character, will let you create a Demon Hunter either way.

Level Up Fast

Since update 7.0.3, the world has changed. Legion forces are constantly invading the lands of Azeroth and the surrounding islands. These new Scenario Quests are the best ways to level up your characters. If you want to keep your level 100 boost for later on, then we suggest you get into these Scenario Quests as soon as possible. We went up 5 levels from one Scenario Quest, which is a great way to level up.

To find these Scenario Quests, all you need to do is look around your world map for big green portals. When you see them on your world map, try to get to them as fast as possible as the faster the rest of the world are killing them, the faster the event will end. During these public events you will get great amounts of XP, and Legion Chests for every phase of the battle you complete. These chests will contain high-end equipment and a Legion currency that you can use to purchase new gear.

Playing World of Warcraft: Legion

Once you have hit level 100, or once you have boosted a character to level 100, you will then be placed on a battle ship with a quick tutorial on how to use your skills and such. If you are aware of all this, then do not fear as this is a quick section. After a few quests and a rather epic introduction to the game, you will then begin the Legion storyline.

World of Warcraft: Legion

Things might be a little daunting when you begin, especially if you have just boosted your character, but the game’s intro is designed in such a way that it is pretty easy to grasp. We will keep the World of Warcraft content coming as we get further into the experience.

World of Warcraft: Legion is out now on PC, get yours HERE.

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