One of the most powerful Pokémon in the series is Gyarados, and in Pokémon GO, you can get it, but only if you catch it, or rack up 400 Magikarp Candies to evolve into him. So far in our entire time paying the game, we have only caught 2 Magikarps. So how do you farm Magikarp Candies? Well, we have asked around and these are best ways to do it.

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Hatch Eggs


Magikarp has a high chance to drop from a 2km Egg. This means that you should try your very hardest to hatch all your 2km Eggs. We know in the long run it will take a while, but when a Magikarp hatches from an Egg, it will drop anything from 10-25 Magikarp Candies. This will definitely help reduce the cost of that Gyarados by quite a chunk. This would mean you would need to hatch 30 Magikarp from Eggs, rather than catching 100 of them to collect Magikarp Candies.

Pokémon GO Eggs

Catch ‘Em


A no-brainer here, the best way to get them is to catch them. Luckily Magikarps are not very feisty, so chances of it running away or jumping out of your Poké Balls are slim. This means that whenever you have a chance to catch one, you must do it. 400 Magikarp Candies are not easy to come by, so every one of them counts. Magikarps are found by water mostly, but there are times you will come across them on land. This means if you stay at the beach, you have a better chance of finding them.

Catch Gyarados

Magikarp Candies 2

Yes, it is possible to catch the sea dragon itself, but it is not easy. Gyarados does spawn, but not very often, in fact, he has less chance of spawning than Pokémon like Dragonite. If you do see a Gyarados looking Pokémon on your radar, best get your shoes on and bolt as fast as you can around the block to catch him. Imagine, you will never need to worry about Magikarp Candies ever again!

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