Mobile technology is having an influence on everything we do, from how we interact socially to how we keep entertained. Mobile gaming is an element of this technology that has also advanced over time, evolving as quickly as the phones themselves. Here’s a quick breakdown.

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It all began with Snake and many of us remember huddling round our friend’s Nokia 3310 and watching as they attempted to beat their latest high score, while the thin pixelated snake grew ever longer with each apple it gobbled up.

Snake quickly moved onto Tetris, and with the introduction of colour screens on mobile devices developers were able to create games that took advantage of this. However, 2007 was when the world of mobile gaming really transformed itself. On the back of the release of the Apple iPhone, developers were able to take advantage of better software and created games such as Tap Tap Revolution which transformed the mobile gaming market as people were able to use the touchscreen to play.

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Angry Birds was another milestone development and one of the first mobile games to use real world physics to engage players. Temple Run followed on from Rovio’s creation and players spent hours attempting to navigate their explorer by swiping in all four directions and enjoyed a 3D, high quality experience. Those playing mobile games on Android devices had to update their mobile phones regularly though, as games slowed down systems over time.

Fast forward to now and online games have also become more popular as they allow those who enjoy gaming and bingo games to, check in on progress and cash in money immediately when they win. For developers in the industry, it’s opened up new doors when it comes to games they can create.

In app purchases are another evolution in the world of gaming worth mentioning. Many app games are free to download and play but there is always an element of the player needing to spend money to get their hands on special items or unlock new levels.

Candy Crush was one of the first games to rely heavily upon this concept, offering a limited amount of tries on a level and requiring you to either pay £1.50 to progress when you reach the end of a large stretch of levels or incessantly share the game with friends and ask them to help you.

These days, the world is enthralled with Pokémon GO, cementing Nintendo as a serious player in the mobile gaming market. Expect to see other big players finally moving into the mobile gaming field and taking on the likes of Candy Crush and Pokémon GO.

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