The popular new hacker-drama, Mr Robot is currently in its second season. If you’re a fan of this awesome high-tech TV show, you can play the Mr Robot mobile game to experience the show in an awesome way.

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The Mr Robot mobile game is available now for iOS and Android devices and is creatively called Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n. The Mr Robot mobile game takes the form of an E Corp messaging app, which allows you to communicate with fictional characters from the popular TV show. The Mr Robot mobile game starts off with the player finding a smartphone outside of Fun Society in Coney Island, New York – a real setting from season one of the Mr Robot TV show. You find out that the smartphone belongs to one of the Mr Robot central characters, Darlene. She makes peace with the fact that you now own her smartphone and her, along with other characters from the show, communicate with you through this fictional E Corp messaging app.

Steal, cheat and lie your way through this technological minefield while dealing with Elliot’s fractured personality, and trying to keep your own information safe.

All of the dialog choices you make in the Mr Robot mobile game affects how the story pans out for you, giving fans of the show a chance to immerse themselves into this hacker world.

Once you’ve bought and downloaded the Mr Robot mobile game, no internet connection is required. The Mr Robot mobile game is also completely ad-free.

Drop us a comment and let us know if you’re a fan of the popular award-winning hacker-drama and whether you’ll be downloading the Mr Robot mobile game.

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