The new Star Trek TV show, dubbed Star Trek Discovery, has finally got a premier date. Set for premier in January 2017, the show will feature a pretty diverse cast. Fans can expect a female lieutenant commander in the new Star Trek TV show, rather than a male captain, as well as an openly gay character.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new Star Trek TV show will be lead by a non-white female actress, to create a new diverse story and richer ensemble. The new Star Trek TV show’s executive producer decided to go with a new lead, as he thinks that after six Star Trek series featuring a male captain, it is time to see a new point of view.

We know that the new Star Trek TV show will air in a 13-episode run, and will bridge the gap between the 2005 series Enterprise, and the Kirk years. There will also be new aliens and robots, more than ever in a Star Trek TV show. Although the new Star Trek TV show will air on CBS, producers have promised the show to feature more “graphic content and profanity” compared to past series. This will surely draw in more viewers as the new TV show will take on a darker side this time.

The new TV show starts production in two months and will be streamed on Netflix and aired across CBS in North America in January 2017.

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