No Man’s Sky is great, and it is so big that things get a bit overwhelming at times. We are slowly uncovering all the secrets that the game has to offer, and with it being so popular, we wanted to share them with you.

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What do you do to get credits in No Man’s Sky and how do you communicate with the aliens? We have you covered.

Sell No Man’s Sky Items

Throughout No Man’s Sky you will come across items, and even materials you do not need. Each piece of material and item has a rarity to it, and they all sell for a set amount of credits in No Man’s Sky. Finding a merchant in No Man’s Sky can be difficult as they are hard to come by. The best thing to do, is to always chat to an alien whenever you get a chance, as chances are that it will be willing to buy stuff from you.

No Man's Sky
You will be given some options to buy and sell materials and items to a merchant in No Man’s Sky, and while you are at it, abuse this as you never know when you are going to find another one. You need to rack up credits in No Man’s Sky so you can purchase a ship. It will only take you a few hundreds times to get it though. Small steps. If you are not in the mood to hunt down aliens, then you can always head back to the main spaceship which will always house an intergalactic merchant in it.

Upgrade Inventory

If you have been playing No Man’s Sky as much as we have, then you would probably have noticed that the inventory is rather small. To prevent this from happening, you will need to find Exosuit upgrades to help increase slots. While exploring the planets, you may come across pyramid-looking houses. In these you will find upgrades to your Exosuit which will increase the slots.

No Man's Sky

You can’t increase the storage of your ship directly, rather you will need to find a ship with a larger storage capacity. These ships can be found everywhere in No Man’s Sky from crashed on planets to buying them off of alien merchants.

Learn Languages

Learning to speak the language is one of the most important things in No Man’s Sky if you are looking to have conversations with the aliens. The thing is, these No Man’s Sky languages are pretty hard to understand, hence you need to learn them.

Monoliths, ruins, and lore cylinders are the best way to do this in the game. All of these can be found across the galaxy, and all of them will teach you a new word. Whenever you see this cylindrical structure around, go to it and interact with it, it will then grant you a new word.

No Man's Sky

As for the Monoliths and ruins, the best way to find them in No Man’s Sky, is to explore the planet, or navigate to them by using a bypass module on a scanner. Always look out for these opportunities to learn new words as there is a whole dictionary per race to learn, and you never know when you will need that specific one.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the vastness that is No Man’s Sky.

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