No Man’s Sky might be the most expansive game we have played in years, but that does not mean it’s any good at explaining its complicated mechanics. From the moment you start the game, you are dropped into the deep end without any explanation on any of the game’s features. The most complicated of it all, is the No Man’s Sky inventory system, which to say the least, took forever to master.

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While we do these things, you don’t have to as we have a guide to understanding the No Man’s Sky inventory system. From the Exosuit, all the way to how the ship inventory works.

No Man's Sky Inventory System

Before we get into things, it is important to understand how these menus work. Each tab has squares which represent item slots. All you materials gathered in the game are placed into these slots. Items such as Iron and Zinc, take up each slot separately. Each inventory tab has a crafting options which will show the available mods for that specific tab you are in. Pressing the Square button on an empty slot, will show you what you can craft, and what the required materials are needed for the item. Once crafted, the item will then take up that slot.

All materials and items are transferable between your character and your ship. You will however need to be in range of your ship to do this, or be inside it. You can then transfer items to and from your ship at free will, and manage items better.


No Man's Sky Inventory System

In a nutshell, the Exosuit tab is current equipment. All your materials that you have gathered at this time are shown here, as well as treasures and shields. At the top left hand corner, you will see your current equipment to your suit. These include health, armour and your jetpack.

Tapping on each of these currently equipped items will open up a tab which will then let you recharge them. Life Support for example, requires Carbon. This is obtained in the game from harvesting life and plants. When you obtain a new mod for your Exosuit, it will be hidden away until you press the Square button on an empty slot. This will then give you the option to go through all your currently obtained blueprints and items, to choose one to craft. Once you have chosen one, for example there is a mod we obtained that let us sprint for longer, you can craft it when you have the correct materials.

This mod that you craft will be active at all times as long as it is in your No Man’s Sky inventory system slot. If you feel like you do not need it any longer, then you can discard it, which will give you some materials back, and open up the No Man’s Sky inventory system slot. You can always craft it again, using the Square button.


No Man's Sky

The Starship inventory tab is not very different compared to your Exosuit. At the top we have our currently equipped mods and hardware that our ship needs in order to function, and the rest of the slots are used for storage.

The Starship tab works the same as the Exosuit as you can craft mods you have obtained, and they will take up a slot in your No Man’s Sky inventory system. The only difference between the two tabs, is that the ship has various tools and gadgets that need constant refilling. Tapping the Cross button on the Launch Thruster for example, will open up the charge window and show you what you will need to refill the gear.

You can transfer items from your Exosuit tab, to your Starship tab as long as you are in range of the ship, or in it. The Starship inventory is pretty simple, the only thing you need to keep your eyes on, is the hardware bars, to make sure you are able to liftoff when you need to.


No Man's Sky

The Multi-Tool tab is all about your weapons and scanner. The tab covers what damage you do with what attack, and your scanner and analyzer. This tab cannot be used to store items, it is only used to control your equipment.

When you start out in the game, you will have some empty No Man’s Sky inventory system slots to craft new gear and mods. The same is said here as your mods and gear will remain in the slot you craft it in, until you dismantle it. Feel free to change things up if you are unhappy with something here, and when you get an upgraded version of say, your scanner, dismantle the one you have to craft the second one.

Tips For Using The No Man’s Sky Inventory System

Try to keep your No Man’s Sky inventory system organised, it gets out of hand pretty quick, so feel free to head into it and dismantle any resources you might be hoarding. Resources have a stacking cap, so once you have say 500 gold, it will start to take up a new slot in your No Man’s Sky inventory system and this might not be necessary

No Man's Sky_20160810004216

Do not create mods you do not need. This especially goes for the Multi-Tool tab, as there are so little slots open that you cannot waste them on mods you do not need.

Know what you are doing. It all depends what your plan is on a set planet. If you are going to be farming extensively for materials, then you would opt for a resource improvement mod, which will let you excavate faster. If you are going to attack every living creature, go for a damage mod, or magazine size increase.

Lookout for No Man’s Sky inventory system slot increase mods. Yes, you can increase your inventory slots, but you will first need to find these blue-door looking things to find one inside. They will cost you however, so be prepared to pay. As for ship slot increases, these only come when you get a new ship by either buying one off of someone, or finding a wrecked one and fixing it up.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and PC. We will have much more content on the game as we explore this huge galaxy.

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