No Man’s Sky is a massive game, but with this comes tons of weird and not so wonderful No Man’s Sky things. From fish who have no idea what they are doing, to strange objects in strange places, here are some of the craziest No Man’s Sky things we have come across.

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Park Like A Taxi

No Man's Sky

Like we all know taxi’s do, we can also do it in No Man’s Sky. Just hover your spacecraft over a tree, and you might be able to land it atop a tree. We have managed to do this a few time already, the only problem, is that when you need to get back into it, it might give you a few issues.

Space Rhinos No Man's Sky_20160814211157

After spending 4 hours trying to hunt down the last species on a planet to complete it, we found this beautiful creature. So far the game has not really wowed us in terms of creatures and the mass of them, but this was the biggest and most ferocious one we have come across so far and one of our favourite No Man’s Sky things we’ve come across.

Lost And Confused Fish

No Man's Sky

If you are lucky enough to land on a planet filled with water, then you must swim and discover the great underwater No Man’s Sky things. We’ve come across a school of fish, who somehow fell in love with a wall. These fish sat there forever trying to swim into the wall. Not a good representation of the freedom fish have.

Friendly Death Eating Shark

No Man's Sky

Thanks to the game’s procedural engine, this allows it to create a bunch of random No Man’s Sky things at any location. Some of these No Man’s Sky things are freaky looking while some are really cute. This shark however, was adorable. It looked like something we wanted to hug, but when we got close, it wanted to chew our face off. Just another day in the galaxy we suppose.

Flying Goat

No Man's Sky

We are not kidding around here, we found a flying goat dinosaur as one of the weirdest No Man’s Sky things so far. We killed him because he wanted to ram us with his horns, and then pick us up and fly away with us. We were too busy for that.


No Man's Sky

Yes, in No Man’s Sky finding nothing is actually a thing. You will sometimes come across a planet that has absolutely nothing on it, at all. These planets are best left unexplored as you will waste your time heading into literally nothing. Just upload them, and get in your ship and move onto something new where you can discover cool No Man’s Sky Things.

Circling Ships

No Man's Sky

At first the circling ships in the sky might seem like something rather unusual, but they are important to understanding what is around them. We first we thought it was a bug, but actually it was a landing station, and the circling ships were waiting to land on it. Still, with them in the sky going around in a circle, they kind of look like vultures circling their prey.

Have you found any weird No Man’s Sky things? Drop us a comment with some of the strangest and coolest No Man’s Sky things you’ve discovered.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4, and PC so that you can discover weird and cool No Man’s Sky things too.

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