The Rio 2016 Olympic Games have come to an end. This year saw tons of top athletes from around the world competing in some of the most gnarly sporting events. Although the athletes stole the show, there was a ton of Olympic Game tech used to make this spectacular global event happen. These were some of our favourite Olympic Games tech used.

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Photofinish Olympic Games Tech

Swiss luxury watchmaker, Omega developed the photofinish Olympic Games tech which was used to take images of athletes crossing the finish-line.


Drone Cameras

Thanks to the advancement in drone camera technology, we were able to witness outdoors sports like rowing in a whole new and exciting way at this year’s Olympic Games.

Super High Resolution

Olympic Games Tech

With most of the market still trying to catch up to 4K, Japanese public broadcaster, NHK, seems to be full-steam ahead having captured and broadcasted the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Super High-Vision technology or 8K. This futuristic Olympic Games tech was only available to experience at NHK’s head broadcasting offices in Tokyo, Japan.

Virtual Reality

Olympic Games Tech 1

With VR making a huge splash on the gaming, tech and entertainment markets this year, it came as no surprise that it was one the most exciting Olympic Games tech used at Rio 2016. As one of the official partners of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Samsung provided audiences with immersive shots of certain sporting events using its Gear VR headset, making the Games come alive to those who couldn’t attend. The company also released an official Olympic Games smartphone.

What were some of your favourite moments at this year’s Olympic Games? Did you spot some of the Olympic Games tech being used? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts on Rio 2016.

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