It’s the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this weekend, which means that you should spend your weekend either watching the Games, or playing them in some way or another. Here are some Olympic Games video games to play this weekend.

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Overwatch received its first ever Seasonal Event. The Seasonal Event gives players the opportunity to unlock limited and exclusive Rio 2016 theme skins for each character.

Lucio and his soccer inspired skin, or Tracer and her hurdles skin. This Seasonal Event is limited and a fun addition to your Olympic Games video games.

Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Every time there is a big event somewhere in the world, Nintendo tries very hard to make a video game on it. Last year we had the Sochi games, and this year Sonic and Mario team up to take on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This is one of the Olympic Games video games which is a party game at its core. You and your family get together to play all the Olympic Games events by taking control of your favourite characters from the Mario and Sonic universe.

Swim with Sonic, play Ice Hockey with Tails, or run the 100-meter dash with Princess Peach. The game has all the diversity and character we all love from a classic Nintendo party game turned into one of the most enjoyable Olympic Games video games.

Track and Field

This is one of the more retro Olympic Games video games to make you feel a bit nostalgic. Why not head to, and play the classic NES version of the Olympics, Track and Field. We all grew up with this game, tapping out hearts out as we tried to beat the world record. The NES controller only had two buttons, but we tapped them like there was no tomorrow.

Olympic Games Video Games 2


We all remember trying to get that perfect jump right before the line on that long jump, and when we didn’t, we cried a little inside. This was the first Olympic Game video games to really show off the global excitement surrounding the Games, and it should be remembered forever.

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