A massive update for Pokémon GO has been released. The update includes a ton of new bug fixes, some new visual enhancements to the environments and items, as well as UI upgrades. Most of all, the update brought with it the ability to change you Pokémon GO avatar, something that was not available until this weekend. Previously you were able to create your character, and players were stuck with that specific Pokémon GO avatar.

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The update also removed the tracking from the Pokémon, this has received much criticism though, as players now find themselves running around with no real direction on where they are going. The battery-saver mode was removed from the iOS version, why this decision was made, we are not aware of yet. If anything, the new Pokémon GO update seems to be a case of one step forward and two steps back. Many of the features help navigate the game or update your Pokémon GO avatar, but do not really add to the main objective of the game.

Pokemon Go Avatar

Niantic has also shut down the Pokémon tracker websites which players used to track Pokémon around them. With no tracking apps, and no tracking system in the game, we will have to wait for the backlash from players as they update their game to find it less appealing than before. Players have already started asking for refunds for their in-game purchases, as the update has violated the terms and conditions of the game by removing a feature which was there at launch. Apple has started refunding players up to $45, while Google has not yet started the refund process.

On the bright side, at least you can change your Pokémon GO avatar now.  Visit our Pokémon GO hub for all your Pokémon GO content.

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