If you have been playing Pokémon GO since day one, then you will probably be a little bit upset following the recent Pokémon GO changes. Niantic Labs has been “working hard” on improving the game and bring about popular Pokémon GO changes. But many players feel that the recent Pokémon GO charges have been making the experience an unpleasant one. Pokémon GO changes like removal of tracking and the increase in difficulty catching Pokémon have made Niantic Labs unpopular with players.

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Pokémon GO changes

You have probably noticed that the tracking In the game is gone, which means there is no longer a footprint under the Pokémon on the nearby menu. Niantic removed this over the past weekend, and at the same time, pulled down dozens of tracking websites across the world which helped you track nearby Pokémon. Nianitc said on its Facebook page, that it removed this feature to “improve the underlying design“. It mentioned that the tracking did not meet its product goals, and while many people found it useful, others found it confusing. Saying that, there is no sign of any improvement on the tracking at this stage, or any sure sign of a new system which will help players find what is around them.

Pokémon Are Harder To Catch

Although this is not confirmed by Niantic, thousands of users have reported that the capture rate of Pokémon has dropped. Pokémon in general have started to move around more, jumping in the air, hitting balls away, and being extremely aggressive. We have experienced this ourselves as a Clefairy would hit 4 balls away in a row before jumping out of a fifth PokéBall. Even low-CP Pokémon are causing major headaches as they do not want to sit still and be caught.


It has also been reported that capture rings are much smaller than before too, and the higher your level, the more difficult it all is to catch and obtain Pokémon more than ever.

Location Refresh Rate Increased

Another one of the recent Pokémon GO changes that users are having, is that the PokéStops and Pokémon around them are not appearing as often as they should. This is due to Niantic’s decision to increase the API refresh rate from 1 second, then to 5 seconds, now to 10 seconds.

Pokémon GO Changes

What this means is that every time you are near a Pokémon, you will have to wait 10-seconds until the server sends the data of what is around you to your phone. Only after the 10 seconds, will the Pokémon appear. This means that if you are on a bicycle, then you will probably not benefit from any Pokémon that appear as you need to be in a spot for 10 seconds before they actually pop up.  Keep in mind that this is taking place every 10 seconds, so it is a matter of now having to time your walk to a gradual pace so you do not miss out on what is nearby.

If anything, Niantic has taken something which was great at the start, and are slowly ruining it for many players who hate the the recent Pokémon GO changes. We do not know if this is on purpose, or just an experiment, but things are not looking good as the recent Pokémon GO changes have dropped ratings on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. The latest version of the app is sitting on a 2-star on Android, and a 1-star on iOS. Pokémon trainers out there are not happy at all.

Are you upset about the Pokémon GO changes?

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