Now that you have been playing Pokémon GO for a while, you would probably want to dive into some PvP, and in Pokémon GO, these PvP matches take place at a Pokémon GO Gym. At first these Pokémon GO Gyms might be a little bit intimidating, but we have played in them for hours, and know how they work and how to dominate in them.

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What Are Pokémon GO Gyms

In a nutshell, a Pokémon GO Gym is a place just like a PokéStop that appears on your map. Each Pokémon GO Gym is colour-coded to the team faction that owns the Pokémon GO Gym. There are a few things that make up a Pokémon GO Gym, these are:

Pokémon GO Gym

  1. Pokémon GO Gym Level: The Gym Level determines the amount of Pokémon that can be positioned in the Gym at one time. The higher the Gym Level, the more Pokémon you will find guarding the Gym. The lower the level, the less.
  2. Pokémon GO Gym Prestige Points: Prestige Points and Levels go hand-in-hand. The higher the Prestige Points, the higher the Pokémon Gym level. When you max-out the Prestige Points, you will have a maxed Pokémon GO Gym. Deplete all the points and you can take over the Gym.
  3. Gym Colour: This is important as this will all depend on what you will do at a Gym. If the Gym is your colour, then you will be able to improve its Prestige Points to increase the Pokémon it can hold and the longer it will take for the opposing team to beat it. If the Gym is not your colour, then you will need to fight it.
  4. Positioned Pokémon: Each Gym will have a set number of Pokémon protecting it. These are all arranged in CP order from lowest to highest. The higher the Gym Level, the more Pokémon can be placed there. The max Pokémon you will find at a Gym will be 6.
  5. Pokemon CP: This will show you just how strong the defending Pokémon GO Gym’s Pokémon is. This is important to take note of before you start a battle.

There are two ways to approach a Pokémon GO Gym, and it all depends on what team you are on.

Defending A Pokémon GO Gym

If the Pokémon GO Gym belongs to your team, then it is a matter of defending it to help increase its Prestige Points, and level it up so more Pokémon can be positioned there. How this is done is pretty easy. All you do is choose your strongest Pokémon, and fight against every Pokémon positioned in that Gym. For every Pokémon you defeat, you will gain XP for yourself, as well as Prestige Points for the Pokémon GO Gym. The more Prestige Points, the more Pokémon can be put there. So if you see that there is only 3 Pokémon in that gym, fight and fight until it ranks up. You will be able to put your own Pokémon at the Pokémon GO Gym to defend it.

Pokémon GO Gym

You can fight a same faction Gym as much as you want and sit for hours to try to train the Pokémon in it.  You have to beat the Pokémon in the Gym, even if it is just one of them, you will earn Prestige Points. Keep in mind that you can only select one Pokémon to fight in the same faction Gym at a time.

Capturing A Pokémon GO Gym

If you are not on the same team as a Gym, then this is where the battle begins. If you find a Pokémon GO Gym which is being controlled by an opposing team, then you need to get your best Pokémon and fight back. A standard fight in the Pokémon GO Gym will see you select 6 Pokémon and face-off against all the Pokémon defending the Gym. You will start with the lowest CP Pokémon, and work your way up the ladder, fighting each one. The more you beat, the more Prestige Points the Gym will lose. Take these points down to zero and the Gym will be free for you to claim.

Pokémon GO Gym

If you are playing with a friend standing next to you, the two of you can battle the same Pokémon at the same time by starting the battle together. Here you will see the other player at the back, attacking the same Pokémon as you. This is a great way to team up and take down a strong Pokémon.

Every time you take a Pokémon GO Gym down a rank, it will lose a Pokémon defending it, so you will have to fight one less the next time. The lower the rank and Prestige Points, the less Pokémon you will need to fight.

Pokémon GO Gym Fight

A fight in a Pokémon GO Gym is all about speed and attacks. Choosing your strongest Pokémon is one thing, but you need to know who you are going up against and what that Pokémon’s weakness is. Luckily you can inspect the Pokémon GO Gym and see what is there protecting it.

Entering a battle, you tap the screen to attack, and hold it down to use an ability. The abilities are stronger attacks, but require a set amount of ability bars to use. These are at the top left hand corner and once one is filled, then you can execute the ability by holding down on the screen. You can also swipe left and right to dodge attacks, this is important as every attack can be dodged, even abilities.


When you are fighting an opposing faction’s Gym, you can switch out Pokémon while you are fighting, to mix things up. If you feel that your active Pokémon is not doing very well, change it. You cannot change Pokémon while fighting in a Pokémon GO Gym your team controls, so go into the battle prepared.

Positioning A Pokémon

If you’ve beaten a Pokémon GO Gym and want to place your Pokémon there. Tap the bottom left hand corner and select the Pokémon you want to add into the gym. Keep in mind that Pokémon with low health, will not be able to be placed in the gym, so refill it when the battle is complete. You can also only have 3 Pokémon in gyms at the same time.

Pokémon GO Gym

The best thing about being in a Pokémon GO Gym, is that you can collect Coins while in it. Right after you claim the gym, if you tap on Shop, you will see at the top right hand corner, that it says “1”. Tapping on that will give you 10 PokeCoins, and it will refresh again in 21 hours. If you have 3 Pokémon in the gym, when it refreshes, you can then collect 30 PokeCoins. Keep in mind that PokeCoins cost real money to buy, so this is probably the best reward in the game.

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