There are tons of Pokémon GO items. Many of these Pokémon GO items are self-explanatory, but maybe you didn’t know to use one of the Pokémon GO items or you were using them wrong.

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Potion/Super Potion/Hyper Potion

These Pokémon GO items are important as they heal your damaged Pokémon. If you never fight in Gyms, then you will probably never need to use these Pokémon GO items. Each Pokémon has a specific amount of health. Weaker Pokémon like Caterpie have less than say Pokémon like Charizard. Each Potion you use, will heal a specific amount of health to each Pokémon:

Pokémon GO Items

  • Potion – 20HP
  • Super Potion – 50 HP | Available at level 10
  • Hyper Potion – 200HP | Available at level 15

Do not use a Hyper Potion on a stage 1 Pokémon, it would be a waste. Rather keep it for you really strong Pokémon.


Pokémon GO Items

When your Pokémon are knocked out a Pokémon Gym, then you will need Revive to revive them. These Pokémon GO items will restore a little bit of HP to your Pokémon, which means you will then need to follow up the Revive with a Potion.

Lucky Egg

Pokémon GO Lucly Egg

These Lucky Eggs are filled with “Happiness”, and grant you double XP for 30-minutes. This means that once you have used the Lucky Egg, whatever you do or XP you earn, it will be doubled. This can be from using a PokéStop, evolving a Pokémon, or even fighting in a Gym.


Pokémon GO Items

Incense is used when you are on the hunt for a Pokémon. Incense draws Pokémon to you for 30-minutes. Keep in mind however, Incense will not draw Pokémon that are on your roster to you, rather it will draw random Pokémon to you. Do not expect to draw a Charizard or anything like that to you though, the Incense is not sure a strong lure for Pokémon.

Lure Module Pokémon GO Items

Using a Lure Module at a PokéStop, will draw Pokémon to it for 30-minutes. This Lure Module works the same as the Incense, the only difference is that everyone can benefit from the Pokémon attraction.


Pokémon GO Items

A RazzBerry is the key to a successful catch as it helps to sedate the Pokémon you are on the hunt for. If you find a strong CP Pokémon in the wild, then it would be best to use a RazzBerry on it, for a better chance of it being caught and not break out of the PokéBall.


The PokéBall is the key the game as it is required to catch Pokémon. As you visit PokéStops and Level Up, you will get more PokéBalls, and stronger ones too.

Pokémon GO items

  • Poke Ball
  • Great Ball – Available at level 12
  • Ultra Ball – Available at level 20

The higher the PokéBall quality, the less chance of the Pokémon breaking out of the ball when trying to catch it. Try to use better PokéBalls like the Ultra Ball on very strong and high CP Pokémon.

Egg Incubator

Pokémon GO Items

When you get an Egg from a PokéStop or when Levelling up, you will need to place it in an Incubator to hatch it. Right now there are 2 Incubators, one that you get in the game which is permanent, and one which only has 3 uses before it breaks. Using a different Incubator will not determine the type of Pokémon that hatches from the Poke Egg, that is determined by the distance you need to take before it hatches.

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