Siri has some sassy and hilarious responses if you ask it Pokémon GO questions.

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When you ask Siri these Pokémon GO questions it gives you some funny and creatively cool answers that any Pokémon fan is sure to appreciate.

One of the first Pokémon GO questions you should ask Siri is which is its favourite Pokémon.

Based on Siri’s answers to these Pokémon GO questions, it doesn’t play favouritism.

Another one of the funny Pokémon GO questions you can ask Siri is whether it in fact likes this new mobile game.

Siri doesn’t seem to be too happy about the world’s obsession with Pokémon GO, but that isn’t going to stop anyone from playing as the mobile game continues to take over the world.

If you’re as obsessed as we are with catching Pokémon you should check out our Pokémon GO hub for everything from Pokémon GO memes to tricks, guides and more.

We’re still anxiously anticipating the official South African release of the highly popular new mobile game that has the entire world running around, trying to catch ’em all.

Have you asked Siri questions about Pokémon GO or anything Pokémon related? Drop us a comment and let us know which burning questions you still have about this popular new mobile game which everyone seems to be playing.

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