If you are playing Pokémon GO, then you have probably realised that there are new things happening on your mobile game. This is because a new update was released to add new features to the game and improve on the much-criticised Pokémon GO tracking system.

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Niantic released the update to both Android and iOS users, and so far things have gone down much better than the last update, which put them in hot water. Some of the new features include an improved Pokémon GO tracking system, the ability to change your nickname and a new driving system than detects your speed and warns you not to play and drive.

Pokémon GO Tracking System

Out of all the new features, the new Pokémon GO tracking system has received the most attention. New tweaks have improved the discovery of Pokémon, and a new timer has polished up the encounters. Here are some of the new features you will find in the new Pokémon GO tracking system:

  • Sightings now give you a more exact number of Pokémon around you.
  • The tracker will scan every 15-seconds, and any Pokémon around you will appear on the Sightings list.
  • Pokémon which have left the area will immediately be removed off the list
  • The new Nearby feature will show you Pokémon at PokéStops, and which exact stop around you
  • Multiple Pokémon are not stacked onto one Sighting, rather than filling up the list.
  • Walking away from a Pokémon will remove it from the Sightings list.

It seem like the new Pokémon GO tracking system is a step in the right direction, as players were more than a little frustrated with it after the last update. Sure, we still lack the exact location of the Pokémon, but at least we can see whether we are searching for it in the right 300-meter area.

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