We love Pokémon GO, we are sure you know that by now, but while we play it, we cannot help but wonder what else Niantic can do to make it so much better. We have decided to share our ideas for Pokémon GO upgrades, and a few we found online.

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In Pokémon Gold and Silver, Nintendo introduced breeding using the new Day Care system. This meant that you could leave your Pokémon at the Day Care. If you had a male and female Pokémon, they would breed and make an egg for you to hatch by walking. This is the origin for the Pokémon Egg, but in Pokémon GO, there is no breeding at all.

Pokemon Breeding

We would love to see this happen in Pokémon GO, and perhaps a system that would allow us to wait a day or so for our Pokémon to breed, and when we go back, we can pick up an Egg.

Baby Pokémon

Did you know that Pokémon like Pikachu and Clefiary have baby Pokémon forms? Well, they were first revealed in Pokémon Gold and Silver, being generation II. This all goes hand in hand with breeding as two Pikachus, will get you an Egg that will hatch into Pichu, and so on with Clefairy hatching a Cleffa.

Baby Pokemon

There a tons of baby Pokémon out there like Igglybuff, Magby, Elekid, Tyrogue, Happiny, and more. It would be great if we could hatch them all and rack up some more candies for them to evolve into.

New Forms

We know this is a long shot, but the latest Pokémon Sun and Moon, will be introducing new forms to the game. Certain Pokémon have changed the way they look thanks to the tropical climate in Alola, and they have taken on Alola forms.


We think it would be pretty cool if we could catch different forms of Pokémon , depending on the weather around us. If it is raining, or very hot, different Pokémon will appear in a different form.

Day and Night Evolution

As you know Pokémon runs on a day and night cycle, and there are certain Pokémon who evolve differently depending on what time of day is it. It would be one of the cool Pokémon GO upgrades we’d love, if we could dictate the Pokémon evolution, depending on the time of day.

Espeon and Umbreon

This would mean that certain Pokémon will evolve differently depending on when we press the “evolve” button. One example of this is Eevee’s evolution Umbreon and Espeon, who only evolve during the day and night.


One of the most requested features, and we hope it comes soon.

Pokemon Trading

Certain Pokémon are very rare, and we would not mind trading our extra Venasaur for a Dragonite.


Sure if you wanted, you could go into a Gym to battle other Pokémon, but if you wanted to battle your friend, that would be an issue. We would love a decent PvP mode being delivered in the next batch of Pokémon GO upgrades where you can head into a trainer battle and battle your friends anytime.

Pokémon GO upgrades

Trainer Battles are a main feature of Pokémon as you spend so much time battling other players, leveling up and ultimately taking on the Pokémon League. Pokémon GO needs a new battle system, and we hope it comes soon.

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