We often see unannounced consoles and hardware leaked before their official releases, but this time things happened a little different. It seems that Sony let one of its alleged PS4 slim consoles fall off the back of a truck somewhere, and someone found it, put it online for sale, and the world went crazy. This alleged PS4 slim leak goes further than the typical “in production” leak that we often see, and we hope that it is real. If it is not, then someone has way too much time on their hands.

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shortmaneighty2 Tweeted a photo of this alleged PS4 slim over the weekend, saying that someone on Gumtree UK had put it up for sale. Apparently three of the same ads had appeared online with other people selling these PS4 slim models on Gumtree UK. The ads have since been removed, but you can see the tweet below:

The user then met with the ad provider and indeed the PS4 slim console he purchased was real. He purchased it and unboxed it, showing off the PS4 slim console and cables provided with it. He then took a few more pictures of the PS4 slim console with it on top of the current model, and showed the back ports.

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The alleged new console looks pretty legit, as the serial number, ports, and casing all look like a real PS4. The alleged PS4 slim console also showed the removal of the faceplates, as well as the optical-out port at the back. The alleged PS4 has a new back which shows off a new hard drive dock. The most interesting thing about the alleged PS4 slim model has to be underneath, which has the PlayStation Logo in silver, and the classic PlayStation button as the grips. The console is also 100% matte, which is probably to save on manufacturing costs.

PS4 Slim

Sony will be hosting a PlayStation event on 7 September 2016 in New York where it is expected to be unveiling the rumoured PS4 Neo, as well as officially showcasing this leaked PS4.

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