The Suicide Squad movie hits South African big screens tomorrow and here’s what we thought about this new anti-hero movie.

Director David Ayer
Cast Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis and Cara Delevinge
Rating 10-12 (PG13)
Genre Action/Superhero
Running Time 2 Hours 3 Min.

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Right off the bat you’re given the impression that the Suicide Squad movie is not your average superhero movie. This DC Comic live-action adaptation is darker than the usual good-guy saving the world superhero story usually told. These girls and guys do not give a damn about the human race and all of their intentions are cruel and selfish. The fact that they help humanity is a lucky side-effect, with these bunch of bad girls and guys only in it for themselves. Not that they really have a choice, as each member is corrupted, manipulated and physically forced to do as they are told.

The story has an interesting enough twist. It’s refreshing to focus on the more realistic meta-humans, making the Suicide Squad scary, yet completely relatable. Although this is one of the darker DC Comic big-screen adaptation, the Suicide Squad movie isn’t without heart and somewhat relatable issues. Themes of love, friendship, family and loyalty run throughout the Suicide Squad movie. The Suicide Squad movie manages to balance some of its darkness with humour. We loved how the new Suicide Squad movie managed to make us laugh, have us in suspense, make us squeal and squirm, all in just over 2-hours. At the end of the Suicide Squad movie you will feel a bit crazy yourself, having been put through the emotional wringer. To say that the Suicide Squad movie is entertaining is an understatement, having something for everyone.

As a movie based on a comic book, the visuals were brilliant and vibrant, especially the colourfully dangerous Harley Quinn. We did however feel that Killer Croc’s (portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) looks could’ve been made a bit more detailed, as he at times looked like a bad Snapchat filter. Deadshot (played by Will Smith) could’ve been executed better too in terms of appearance. His costume lacked any real detail and he hardly ever wears his iconic mask. Other characters were done perfectly though, like the Joker who has never looked more like a crazy criminal than in the new Suicide Squad movie.

If you’re not into violence then you’re going to hate the Suicide Squad movie. It’s pack to the brim with crazy violence against men, women and freaks alike. Its dark and twisted tone, visuals and storyline is not suitable for sensitive and squeamish viewers. But even the most avid enjoyer of the gruesome and action might be shocked at some of the violence. You will have to watch it to experience the sheer heartless chaos created by these crazy criminals in the new Suicide Squad movie.

The new Suicide Squad movie showcases some of the best performers in the game and it’s hard to imagine who else could’ve played the parts. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn deserves a special mention as she is all-round amazing in this new Suicide Squad movie. Not only is she a charming and captivating actress who is extremely easy on the eyes, she is also an impressive action star who seems to be in full control of her elaborate movements. Margot Robbie managed to create a Harley Quinn who we loved, hated, felt sorry for and envied all in once. She was able to deliver a character who you immediately sensed is more dangerous than she initially looks and who has many different and twisted layers. Will Smith as Deadshot was also a solid character you found yourself rooting for from the beginning, even if he is essentially a bad guy. Viola Davis gives one of the strongest performances in the Suicide Squid movie as Amanda Waller. She takes the role of villain, and absolutely owns it, without asking for permission or giving any explanations. She’s the very definition of a bad bitch who you never want to mess with.

Jared Leto as the all-new Joker was a bit of an anti-climax and we were left feeling like we wanted to see a bit more from him in terms of delving into this insanely iconic character. Other characters like Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang and Jay Hernandez as El Diablo were pretty cool too, but we aren’t shown too much of each member of this squad of insane criminals. This is forgivable though as the new Suicide Squad movie featured a ton of never-before-seen superheroes or anti-heroes, so it must’ve been difficult to present the audience with a comprehensive story and background in just over 2 hours.


Although it wasn’t a perfect execution, the new Suicide Squad movie is a great start to a franchise we hope spills over into sequels and cross-overs. The characters are interesting and the right kind of crazy to make them frighteningly relatable. We couldn’t have asked for a cooler cast. The story is as dark and twisted as they get, but the new Suicide Squad surprisingly carries plenty of heart-felt moments. Hate and love are two contrasting themes in the new Suicide Squad and we suspect that most people will either fall in love with this new franchise, or write it off as not their cup of tea.

Are you planning on catching the Suicide Squad movie?

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