Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy Note 7 to the world. The all-new Galaxy Note 7 features some exciting new specs and tech that might persuade you in picking one up when it officially becomes available in September 2016 in South Africa.

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Iris Scanner

The Galaxy Note 7 features an awesome new Iris Scanner. This new technology lets you take control of your privacy by protecting sensitive data like sexy photos or business secrets in a secure folder, which can only be accessed via an Iris Scanner. We dig personal digital security and the new Iris Scanner, which the Galaxy Note 7 features, adds an extra and welcomed layer of security to your device.


Finally Samsung has extended its awesome water-resistance technology as one of our favourite new Galaxy Note 7 features. Most of the electronic company’s latest devices are water-resistant so we were expecting this one.

Galaxy Note 7 Features 1


Samsung has finally reintroduced the microsSD. The Galaxy Note 7 features a microSD slot which can take up to 2TB of removable memory.

Translating S-Pen

As a phablet, the Galaxy Note 7 features a larger screen, making it ideal to use a stylus. The S-Pen for the Galaxy Note 7 features enhanced capabilities compared to the previous models of the Samsung stylus. Our favourite new feature on the upgraded S-Pen is that it can now translate words into 38 different languages. Just hover over any text and the S-Pen will give you the translation of your choice.

The new S-Pen can do a ton of other cool things too, like the ability to magnify any content, make GIFs out of videos and so much more, making it a cool accessory for the new device from Samsung.

HDR Display

The new Galaxy Note 7 features a HDR display instead of the 4K display the mobile market  is currently moving towards. We reckon this was a good move as HDR display provides the viewer with a more realistic view of the colours being displayed.

Do you dig the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

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