Have you ever used Uber before? Well we love it. It allows us to get to where we want without driving, all from our smartphones. It’s an immensely useful taxi app and it comes as no surprise that it is pretty popular worldwide. In fact, it is the most popular and the most liked taxi app in 108 countries.

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Data from a survey run by Similiarweb.com shows that out of all 171 countries that were analyzed, 108 of them show that Uber is the most dominant taxi app. These countries include South Africa, the entire US and Australia. The company reports that its taxi app is installed on 21% of all Android devices in the US, and 13% of Australian Android users use the app. Overall, the taxi app holds a 62% dominance in its available territories


Uber is still having issues establishing itself in Asia. The the most popular taxi app in Asian territories, Yandex Taxi, has held the number one spot for a while now and doesn’t look like it’s losing steam any time soon. The taxi app is attempting to slowly start to penetrate the Asian market by offering unique transportation services at competitive pricing.

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