Gaming has come a long way over the past few years, so much so that it has broken boundaries in many different areas. Video games tell better stories, look great, and let gamers experience adventures in exciting ways. Saying that, with the advancement of all these features, comes new ways to experience the love and intensity video game sex scenes. Although these characters aren’t real, these video game sex scenes are so intense, that we cannot help but get flustered over them.

Warning: This post contains explicit material suitable for mature audiences over the age of 18.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher series has been one to break boundaries with its intense action, great story telling, and unique characters. In the latest adventure, we get to form relationships with a few characters who then turn out to be lovers, and even one night stands.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has so many video game sex scenes and its expansions, Blood and Wine, and Hearts of Stone, that we decided to find a compilation rather than nail down the most intense scene in the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware has always been known for its diverse decision making in its games. We can be who we want, and love who we want, which unfortunately is not always the case in the real world. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of the video game sex scenes is pretty memorable, for its crazy love making. If you follow the romance path with the Iron Bull, he will then sleep with you, but you are probably in for a shock when the scene hints at him having quite a large member.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect’s characters where designed to be loved and hated, depending on your character preference. The game was also the last game in the series to be restricted to playing as a male Commander Shepard. Saying that, it was not a bad thing as the video game sex scenes were something out of Game of Thrones. One particular character, Miranda, was the main reason why we all strived to master the romance options in the game. She was beautiful and the Commander had a soft spot for her.

Far Cry 3

Citra has to be one of the most iconic characters in the Far Cry series. In Far Cry 3 she is the link between you and the powers that you will obtain in the game, but that means that lots of illegal drugs and video game sex scenes will take place during these moments. One of the most intense video game sex scenes is when she grants you the power by bearing it all. A few humps later and you are now closer to the tribe than ever before.


Grand Theft Auto has always been known for its really over-the-top nudity and video game sex scenes. In GTA V, it reaches a new level as the scene is something we never saw before. In an early mission in the game, you meet a celebrity photographer who now needs to sneak into rehab to take pics of a celeb having sex. Many people argue that this celeb in the game was meant to be Lindsay Lohan, and a court case even began to try to piece this theory together. In the end she lost, but the sex scene will live on forever as one of the most intense video game sex scenes.

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