Jennifer Saunders as Edina “Eddy” Monsoon and Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone are back and this time on the big screen in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. The movie opens today in South African cinemas and this is what we thought about the big-screen adaptation of the popular Absolutely Fabulous BBC TV series.

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Director Mandie Fletcher
Cast Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks
Rating 13
Genre Comedy
Running Time 1 Hour 31 Mins.

Nothing much has changed since the partying days of PR agent Eddy and her best pal, Patsy. These two heavy-drinking, chain-smoking, cursing, drug-abusing, fad-chasers are now in their 60s. Trying to stay relevant and up to date with pop culture movements is becoming increasingly difficult for the dreadfully delightful duo. Mom (portrayed by June Whitfield) is as sarcastic as ever and Saffy (portrayed by Julia Sawalha) has had about enough of her mother and Patsy’s irresponsible and erratic behaviour. She’s especially keen to get away from Eddy and Patsy’s partying ways because she has a teenage child, Lola (portrayed by Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness). While Saffy is desperately trying to get her life in order, Eddy and Patsy continue chasing the dream of being absolutely fabulous.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie doesn’t only bring back Bubbles (portrayed by Jane Horrocks) and the rest of the original crazy cast from the popular TV show, it also has a bunch of famous people making cameos. Some celebrity cameos in the new Absolutely Fabulous movie are hilarious and others feel forced and will make you laugh, but only uncomfortably. But that doesn’t matter too much as Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley carry most of the comedy.

In Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie the jokes are bigger and bolder and so are the over-the-top attempts by Eddy and Patsy to live glamorous lives. From drinking Chanel Number 5 because she is out of alcohol to applying her own Botox to slapping on a mustache to marry for money, Patsy’s bad behaviour makes Eddy look like a sane person. But that doesn’t mean that Eddy doesn’t get up to her own antics in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and she serves as a hilarious metaphor for bad parenting, being a bad business woman and generally terrible human. These glamorous gals are long past their glory days, but they continue to desperately cling on to staying relevant in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

The plot is as ridiculous as you could imagine from an Absolutely Fabulous movie. The settings are extended well-beyond only Eddy’s kitchen where the show was mostly set in. We’re shown many exotic and fabulous locations and events, with plenty of recognizable faces to look out for.


absolutely fabulous

If you’re a seasoned fan of the Absolutely Fabulous franchise then you might feel like you’ve caught up with old friends, but that it was probably the last time you’ll see them. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has many moments where fans and noobs will chuckle because of how far Eddy and Patsy will go to get the glamorous life they think they deserve. But the Absolutely Fabulous movie fails to truly pick up speed to keep you laughing and interested throughout, proving that certain franchises just don’t fair well on the big screen. Although it wasn’t a complete failure, it wasn’t enough to revive the series and is at most a final bow to the Absolutely Fabulous franchise which has been going strong for nearly 25 years.

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