American Horror Story season six is set to premiere soon. And while the new series is shrouded in mystery, we’re sure to be scared and creeped out like we’ve been for the past five seasons.

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While everyone is patiently waiting for the premiere of season six of American Horror Story set to air in America on 14 September, you can relive the horrors with this cool infographic created by Pure Costumes. The infographic sets out some of the apparently true stories that have inspired the creepy twists and turns American Horror Story’s story line has taken over the past five seasons.

American Horror Story

Terrible tales have been the backbone of the scary stories each season of American Horror Story tells. Some of the scariest and weirdest stories have been the inspiration behind Murder House (season 1), Asylum (season 2), Coven (season 3), Freak Show (season 4) and Hotel (season 5). Season 5 Hotel stars Lady Gaga in her award-winning role of Elizabeth Johnson/The Countess.

Although we aren’t even sure what season six of American Horror Story will have in store for us, we’re certain there will be wonderfully weird and freakish stories being told. Based on the show’s history, season six is sure to contain stories that were inspired by real-life stories.

These weird true stories prove that the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Some of the stories that have inspired American Horror Story include The Black Dahlia from season one Murder House and the true-life story of Richard Ramirez which inspired a storyline in season six Hotel.

Are you a fan of American Horror Story and are you excited for season six? What do you think it will be called? Do you have you any weird or creepy stories?

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