The Cadbury game, Friends In A Fishtank will see you swimming your way to the end of the ocean while eating delicious chocolate bubbles.This Cadbury game will get you craving that delicious Bubbly Chocolate we all love so much. You start off this Cadbury by customizing your blowfish in cool colours, and then, after linking to Facebook so you can track your friend’s scores, you head into the deep blue.

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The best thing about the Cadbury game is that it is pretty simple to play. You just click continually to keep your fish from hitting the top of the screen and other objects scattered around the area. As you swim along, you will need to try to grab the chocolate bubbles, NOT the clear ones. The clear bubbles will fill you with air and slow you down, this will cause you to move to the back and chances of you hitting something and dying, are pretty high.

Cadbury Game

Throughout your bubble adventure in this Cadbury game, you will come across jellyfish, water mines, and even crabs, that will prevent you from feasting on all the delicious chocolate bubbles. Avoid them. These objects and creatures will just pop you, and you will need to start over again.

The main idea of the Cadbury game is to get the highest score, and it is really fun as there is an end to the path you swim along. This means that there are only a certain amount of chocolate bubbles to collect, so you will need to master the path and controls, to collect them all. Timing your clicks and floating to dodge objects, and also to avoid the clear bubbles, is all part of the Cadbury game. If you do get all filled up with air and slow down, you can quickly pick up a yellow orb to push all the air out of you, allowing you to swim normally again.


  • Do not touch anything in the Cadbury game but the chocolate bubbles and yellow orbs, everything else will kill you. It is a tough world under the see.
  • If you do eat air bubbles, try to steer clear from any more around you, as you will deflate over time and gain full speed again. Or grab a yellow orb.
  • Sometimes letting go of the clicking for a brief moment might save your life.
  • Sometimes picking up a yellow orb is not always a good idea, it might push you into a crab.Friends in a Fishtank

Head over to Cadbury’s Friends in a Fishtank webpage, and make sure to try out the game. You can win a R1000 Raru gift voucher if you do. All you need to do is play the Cadbury game, and post your highest score in the comments below. We will pick a winner and announce who will have R1000 to spend over on Raru.

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