The Gauteng Department of Education has unveiled e-chalkboards, which it hopes revolutionises how lessons in classrooms are presented.

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SMART Kapp e-chalkboards will soon be replacing dry-erase chalkboards in classrooms around Gauteng. The new e-chalkboards are the products of the natural evolution process that old technology goes through. These high-tech chalkboards combine old technology with modern devices to create a cool communication tool in the learning environment.

All teachers have to do is start writing on these e-chalkboards and the notes, drawings or tables are instantaneously shared to the learners’ connected devices. All of this happens in real-time, making the entire lesson process faster and more engaging. This also helps learners keep up who are slower to take notes or grasp lessons. Lessons and notes can be saved as a JPEG or PDF on learners’ devices to be accessed later on.

These e-chalkboards work with smartphones and tables that have the free iOS or Android apps installed on them. Learners connect their devices to a certain e-chalkboard by scanning a QR code at the bottom of a e-chalkboard or by tapping the board’s NFC tag.

VastraTech is the official distributor of these e-chalkboards in South Africa and will initiate the roll-out of these e-chalkboards across Grade 12 classrooms in Gauteng, at first. Chief Strategic and Marketing Officer at VastraTech, Candice du Preez explains:

SMART kapp enhances that collaborative learning process by providing an incredibly simple walk-up-and-use experience while seamlessly connecting with smartphones and tablets. We’re confident that no other interactive flat panel for education offers so much magic, power and flexibility.

The aim is to transform classrooms into collaborative learning environments that enhance students’ understanding and enables them them to achieve their academic goals. The MEC hopes that these new e-chalkboards will change the way teachers impart knowledge to learners and how they present their lessons. At the same time, learners gain a more modernised education experience that as been simplified, making lessons easier to grasp and encouraging academic engagement and cooperation.


Do you think these e-chalkboards will be a successful learning tool in Gauteng classrooms?

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