FIFA 17 is out this week, so we decided to wave goodbye to last year’s title, in the best way possible. We put together a montage of the greatest moments in our FIFA 16 career. Watch while we completely destroy our competition, and make the goalie look like he has no idea what he is doing.

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Although FIFA 16 is done and dusted, FIFA 17 has tons of new features in store that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

FIFA 17 has been built on a brand new engine, the EA Sports Ignite Frostbite engine. This engine has allowed EA to really push the limits when it comes to FIFA 17’s graphics and processing. Expect better visuals, as well as a smoother experience all-around. The engine has allowed for things to be bigger and better, this includes character animations, facial textures, and even stadiums and crowds.


New techniques to use while playing, will add a whole new layer of gameplay to all you FIFA veterans who have already mastered FIFA 16 and the previous games. Dribbling, passing and shooting, and more techniques can now be mastered to really strive for the win. The new engine brings in a new collision system, that will change the way players come into contact with each other. This will improve on fouls, as well as goals slipping by.

FIFA 17 has finally received its own unique version of a career mode. The mode will see you take on the role of Alex Hunter, a young footballer who has always had a dream to become something big. You will play matches as him, to impress the sponsors and hopefully evolve his career into something he has always dreamed of.

FIFA 17 releases on 29 September for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and XBo 360.

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