Fitbit, the leader in personal health and fitness devices wants you to live your best life and get into shape and healthy with Fitbit Adventures.

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Fitbit Adventures are a series of non-competitive fitness challenges that are created to encourage you to be more active, thereby achieving your health and fitness goals. Fitbit Adventures will let users virtually experience iconic landmarks like Yosemite National Parks and sporting events like the New York City Marathon. Users will be motived by facts and will be immersed into their Fitbit Adventures with beautiful and realistic photography. This cool immersive fitness experience is available globally for all Fitbit users who have downloaded the free Fitbit app for iOS or Android devices.

These Fitbit Adventures have been designed to increase users movement by an additional one mile (1.6km) a day.

If you’re keen to jump into the Fitbit action with these Fitbit Adventures you can start off with one of three virtual trails immersing you in Yosemite National Park. These trails include Pohono Trail, Valley Loop and Vernal Falls. Giving users the complete experience, Fitbit partnered with award-winning photographer, Chris Burkard as well as New York Road Runners.

These Fitbit Adventures will motivate users to achieve their health and fitness goals, while being able to track their progress in a creatively cool way. Users will be able to track a whole bunch of health and fitness data, which includes:

  • Trails: Trails are replicated on users’ devices in a real-time way which makes the experience feel authentic and motivating.
  • Daily Destinations: Every day is a new opportunity to reach a new destination along your Fitbit Adventures. Every day is a little bit more challenging, motivating users to constantly get better.
  • Iconic Landmarks: Users are encouraged to unlock beautiful virtual landmarks along their Fitbit Adventures, which can include breathtaking mountain peeks, waterfalls and vistas.
  • Treasures: To make these Fitbit Adventures even more enthralling, users can collect hidden treasures along their virtual trails which include interesting facts, health and fitness advices and mini side challenges.

What are you doing doing to each your health and fitness goals?

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