In a world filled with drones and tech changing every day, GoPro has decided to jump on the drone ship with its latest creation, the GoPro drone called Karma. This ultra-compact quadcopter GoPro drone is designed to be extremely versatile and fly up mountains, participate in extreme sports, and much more.

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The new GoPro Karma will come with a detachable three-axis stabilizer that could be mounted to a vehicle or other moving objects like surfboards. The GoPro drone is also light at 2kgs, and can be folded up and squeezed into the custom-made backpack that comes with the drone. The controller for the GoPro drone is a console-styled controller with a life video feed feature and a touch screen display. You can also stream video footage directly to a second smartphone display using the GoPro drone app. This new drone from the popular camera maker uses Wi-Fi signals instead of Bluetooth to maximize range.

Auto panning and orbiting features on the GoPro drone will let users create cinematic shots in the sky without using the controller of the Karma. The aim of the GoPro drone is more for users who do extreme sports rather than your average GoPro user. The GoPro Karma will be available for $799 (about R12,000).

GoPro Hero Black

GoPro also unveiled two new GoPro cameras, the HERO5 Black, and the HERO5 Session. The  HERO5 Session packs quite the list of features. These include a 4K, 40 frames per second video recording resolution, 10MP camera, auto upload when in charge, voice control, waterproof housing, and professional-grade electronic video stabilization. The HERO5 Session will retail for R5 999, and will be available in the first week of October.

GoPro Hero 5 Session

The HERO5 Black is the star of the show, however, as it is the next step in GoPro camera creations. Dubbed as the “best GoPro, ever”, the camera has some pretty amazing tech specs. Its 2-inch touch display, 12MP camera, and 4K video recording, are the standout features here. It also has voice control, and support for all past accessories, as well as the new Karma drone. The HERO5 Black will be available in October, and retail for R7 999

Do you like the new GoPro drone and cameras? Drop us a comment and let us know if you’ll be getting your hands on these new exciting products from GoPro once they’re released and what you would use them for.

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