When you think bakkie you don’t necessarily think of a vehicle with many smart capabilities. But that all changes with the new Ford Ranger Auto 2.2 which is a tough high tech bakkie.

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This beautiful high tech bakkie comes with impressive in-car smart technology which is housed in a vehicle that is able to reliably drive across most terrains. What makes the new Ford Ranger Auto 2.2 stand out in terms of being a high tech bakkie is that all the tech and gadgets truly makes the drive better. None of the new Ford Ranger Auto 2.2’s feels unnecessarily flashy, but retains its functionality which is what you want from a high tech bakkie.

High Tech Bakkie F

In-Car Tech

High Tech Bakkie 1

Car technology could be distracting, but Ford has partnered with Microsoft to create SYNC – a fully, integrated voice-activation system which reduces driver distraction by letting you control your devices with your voice. This means the driver’s hands are freed up to let her fully control the steering wheel and keeping her eyes on the road. This SYNC system lets you make phone calls, listen to your favourite music and adjust your temperature with Hands-Free Climate Control. All of these cool high tech bakkie features come complete with a customisable 8′ LCD touch screen. You’re able to view vital vehicle information like fuel consumption.

This high tech bakkie also serves as a wifi hotspot which multiple devices can connect to – a handy feature for when you want to stay connected while roughing it. USB and RCA outlets let you upload media and keep your devices charged – ideal high tech bakkie features for those who like to venture into remote areas.

Perfect Parking

The new Ford Ranger Auto might be a beast of a high tech bakkie, but it isn’t difficult to park thanks to cool sensors and cameras.

High Tech Bakkie 7

This high tech bakkie comes equipped with a rear-view camera which lets you see any obstacles behind you to avoid a collision. Front and rear parking sensor ensure you can park in crowded city areas while also being useful when trying to dodge obstacles in tough driving conditions.

Safety First

This high tech bakkie ensures your comfort while maintaining your safety too. Adapative Cruise Control is a neat safety feature which detects when the traffic conditions change and is then able to automatically adjusts your speed.

High Tech Bakkie 2

In an attempt to keep you traveling at a safe and lawful speed, the Ranger’s Speed Limiter lets you set a maximum speed which prevents you from going over that speed, except in emergency situations.

Tons Of Tech Space

If you have a garage full of gadgets you now have an awesome place to transport it in, with more than 20 storage spaces.

High Tech Bakkie 6

The new Ford Ranger Auto is truly a high tech bakkie with a laptop-sized glove compartment, a smartphone holder, a holder for your sunglasses and a range of more pockets and spaces to safely and securely travel with all of your precious (and expensive) gadgets and devices.

Exterior Tech

This high tech bakkie takes care of everything for you, letting you concentrate on your main job – driving.

The new Ford Ranger Auto comes with rain-sensing wipers that immediately turn on and automatically adjusts their own speed depending on the heaviness of the rain.

Automatic headlamps ensure that you have a constant clear view of the road.

High Tech Bakkie 4

This new high tech bakkie continuously keeps track of your tyre pressure, making  sure you maintain a safe and fuel-efficient drive.

The new Ford Ranger Auto 2.2 is available in South African now. Find out HERE where your closest Ford dealership is to take this high tech bakkie for a test drive.

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