IFA 2016 took place in Berlin, Germany and showed off the best consumer electronic products and high-tech home appliances.

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There were many flashy moments during IFA 2016 which took place from 02-07 September. It was hard to choose which new products and gadgets were our favourites, but these stood out for us this year.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung took IFA 2016 as the opportunity to unveil its latest line of smartwatches. Dubbed the Gear S3, this new smartwatch stands out from the rest by being waterproof. It also comes with a built-in GPS, making it ideal for users who enjoy the outdoors without having to carry their expensive smartphones with them. Samsung also revealed at IFA 2016 that the Gear S3 can go up to 4 days without needing to be charged.

IFA 2016 Gear S3

Philips Hue Monition Sensors

Home automation is the future and Philips took IFA 2016 as the opportunity to show it has one foot in the future’s door. The Philips Hue Motion Sensors enables you to turn the lights on and off automatically throughout your home. With these motion sensors you’re able to save energy with integrated daylight sensors and, with no wires, these sensors can be placed anywhere.

Huawei Nova

A few years ago consumers wouldn’t have considered Huawei as a leader in the smartphone market, but the electronics company has managed to become renowned for great smartphones.

At IFA 2016 Huawei showed off why it’s now a serious smartphone maker by unveiling the Huawei Nova. This new smartphone offering excites us because the device comes with respectable smartphone specs in a more affordable price range.

Lenovo Yoga Book

IFA 2016 Lenovo

Lenovo brought the right balance at IFA 2016 with its new Yoga Book. The stunningly slim tablet has two parts hinged together by Lenovo’s signature watchband mechanism. The parts consist of the usual tablet with touchscreen and the second being a touch-sensitive input pad powered by Wacom. This cool second part has lights to turn it into a keyboard but it also registers input from a stylus, making the Lenovo Yoga book more versatile than most tablets on the market.

LG Monitor

IFA 2016 LG 2


LG has been a leader in electronic gadgets and home appliances. The company decided to push the entertainment boundaries even further by releasing what it dubs the “world’s largest ultra monitor” at IFA 2016. The 38UC99 is a 38″ curved IPS monitor which will ship with built-in 10W Bluetooth compatible speakers. LG claims that the Wide Quad HD resolution is four times clearer than standard HD and the monitor is capable of delivering 3840×1600 pixels.

Which were your favourite IFA 2016 moments?

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