iOS 10 is due for release on 13 September 2016, but that does not mean we have not been playing with it for a few weeks already. After using the stable beta version we have decided to nail down 5 of the best iOS 10 features that will change the way you use your Apple device.

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Bedtime Mode

One of the more useful iOS 10 features is that it tracks your sleeping patterns, and suggests sleeping times for you as well as the amount of hours of sleep you need. The feature has been built into the clock app, and will let you set a time to go to bed and a time to wake up depending on your sleeping patterns.

ios 10

The Bedtime feature will then alert you before it is bedtime, so you are aware that it is late and you need to sleep. The feature tracks any access on the device during this “sleep time” so if you unlock your device, it will know you are awake and it will record this, ultimately breaking your sleeping pattern. We expect this feature to change your approach to bedtime and hopefully help you achieve a good night’s rest.

General UI Shortcuts

There is nothing worse than needing to access something on your device, but it takes forever due to it all being hidden away in apps. iOS 10 features an upgraded search function and lets you search within apps. This means that if you are looking for a specific chat on WhatsApp, you can just pull down on your home screen, and search for it. It will then show you all the possible results right there, without having to actually go into the app.

iOS 10

Other UI shortcuts include the ability to search for a contact, and being able to see the contact’s details in the search bar without opening the contacts app or even entering the phone app. This is one of the new iOS 10 features we really loved and we reckon it is going to change how easily we navigate around our devices.

Remove Stock Apps

ios 10

This might seem like a small feat in an OS, but it is the first time we can ever actually delete standard apps off our Apple devices. This means that if you don’t have an Apple Watch, or make use of the Stock App, or Newspaper stand, then you can delete them all. Sure you can download them again from the app store, but the fact that you can free up space both on your home screen and storage, will change our overall layout of our devices.

Apple Maps

Apple has struggled to perfect the Apple Map layout while including all the important features in the app at the same time. However, iOS 10 features a whole new way to use Apple Maps. You now have the ability for Safari to link to the Apple Maps app, so all your search history for addresses, shops and places to eat will automatically show up in the app when you open it.

ios 10

Say you feel like pizza, because who doesn’t? While visiting pizza sites on Safari, the data of all the addresses is stored and sent to Apple Maps, so you just need to enter the app and get going. Another one of the new iOS 10 features for Apple Maps, is the ability to add places to your device like a friend’s house, or your work address. A simple “Siri, give me directions to work“, will then start a route from your location to your workplace.


Android devices have been benefiting from widgets for years now, while Apple owners have been missing out. iOS 10 features brand new widgets. Widgets now appear on your lock screen and are accessed via the notification bar. An easy way to understand widgets, would be to think of a menu that has everything going on in your life, in one place, while integrating into other apps, to simplify it all.

ios 10 Features

These widgets will give you everything you need from travel times to your nearest meeting, to your favorite contacts. Weather will appear here if you want, as well as Siri suggestions, and more. Widgets will be linked to apps, which are linked to other apps, and they are sure to be something you will love.

iOS will be live on 13 September 2016 at 19:00. Be sure to download it. What are your most anticipated iOS 10 features? Let us know in the comments below.

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