LEGO has teamed with awesome franchises like Star Wars, Marvel’s Avenger and now LEGO Disney Princesses has been expanded to include even more sets.

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LEGO Disney Princesses 3

Build the happily ever after of your dreams with LEGO Disney Princesses. Who needs a Prince Charming to build a kingdom to rule, with this new LEGO and Disney Princesses collaboration, you control it all. You have the choice between some of your favourite Disney females like:

  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid franchise;
  • Jasmine from the Alladin franchise;
  • Snow White from the Snow White and Seven Dwarves franchise;
  • Cinderella from the Cinderella franchise;
  • Belle from the Beauty and the Beast franchise; and
  • Rapunzel from the Rapunzel franchise.

LEGO Disney Princesses 2

These popular princesses come with their own beautifully detailed LEGO figurines. The LEGO Disney Princesses are joined by their pets and popular accessories in LEGO form like Ariel’s fish friend, Flounder and Jasmine’s tiger, Rajah. Each one of the LEGO Disney Princesses brings her own LEGO fun, with awesomely detailed sets being sold. Sets include incredible items relating to each of the LEGO Disney Princesses’s franchise. Each of the sets come with items that best belong with each of the LEGO Disney Princesses and even comes with a LEGO buddy.

LEGO Disney Princesses 4

Some of the LEGO Disney Princesses sets are simpler than others with Jasmine’s set for instance coming with less LEGO bricks and LEGO items than the other, more intricate LEGO Disney Princesses sets like Belle’s. Belle’s LEGO Disney Princesses set for instance comes complete with a Beast LEGO figurine as well as LEGO figurines of the furniture that magically comes alive including Lumière, Mrs. Teapot and her son, Chip. These LEGP Disney Princesses sets also contain creative castle designs that you’re able to build from some of your favourite franchises.

Drop us a comment and let us know which of the new LEGO Disney Princesses you dig the most.

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