We tried out Apexel’s 20x macro smartphone lens. We were blown away by discovering a whole new way of taking smartphone photos and capturing the beautiful details hiding in small and delicate objects around us.

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Camera Capabilities

The little, compact macro smartphone lens from Apexel which works on most smartphones, is proof that dynamite comes in small packages. This macro smartphone lens has the ability to shoot pictures at a distance of between 10 and 25mm, meaning you need to really get up in there to capture detail on tiny objects. It can get a bit challenging to get the angle just right and to get close enough to the object without the picture blurring. We will have some tips up later on how to take the best photos using a macro smartphone lens. But once you have the hang of it, you’ll become obsessed with capturing seemingly invisible details and textures in the world around you.

The macro smartphone lens has 20x zooming capabilities and, unlike the iPhone’s standard zoom, details that the naked eye can’t see are brilliantly revealed. Where the iPhone 6s’s standard 5x zoom drastically deteriorates image quality, this macro smartphone lens reveals details and showcases them in every picture you take. Check out some of the awesome pictures we’ve been able to take, with the red square indicating the zoomed in area.

If you’re keen to add some zooming power then you should consider getting a macro smartphone lens as the iPhone’s built-in zooming ability isn’t great. The iPhone 6s comes with a pretty sick rear camera which is capable of capturing stunning shots. However, when you zoom into smaller objects or when you would like to get a bit more detail into your iPhone photos, you lose picture quality. The iPhone 6S’s 12MP camera is capable of 5x digital zoom which dramatically reduces the image quality.


The Apexel macro smartphone lens is made from top-grade Aluminum and SCHOTT material optical glass.

Macro Smartphone Lens 3

Being compatible with most smartphones, this macro smartphone lens is extremely easy to use. It ships in simple and sleek packaging and is quick and straightforward to assemble. All you need to do is easily slip the macro smartphone lens into the flexible plastic holder and you’re ready to start discovering a whole new tiny world around you.

The macro smartphone lens fits securely onto your device thanks to the flexible plastic holder it ships with. Although it is small, it never feels fragile or cheap. The product feels sturdy and premium in your hands and fits perfectly onto most devices without the fear of scratching your devices or the macro smartphone lens itself.

The device’s compactness makes it perfect for anyone who travels and takes plenty of pictures. Thanks to the flexible plastic holder, the macro smartphone camera lens can be easily slipped on and off of your device without further setup required. It can simply be stored in your pockets or bags, making this macro smartphone lens a fun travel gadget. The soft rubber around the contact-points of the macro smartphone lens to your device ensures that your device is protected from any scratches from removing and replacing it constantly.

Macro Smartphone Lens 1


We were really impressed by this little macro smartphone lens. Not only is it extremely compact and simple to use, it delivers beautifully detailed shots of objects and textures you would never notice with the naked eye. It offers a captivating zooming experience on most smartphone devices, without compromising on image quality.

If you’re in the market for a macro smartphone lens that is simple to use and delivers great results, we suggest you get yours HERE.

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