The Mr Robot book is the only tie-in book for the award-winning series, Mr Robot.

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The Mr Robot book is called The Red Wheelbarrow and is written in a diary-entry style from the lead character, Elliot Alderson’s perspective. The Mr Robot book was written by the show’s creator Sam Esmail and writer for the show, Courtney Looney.

Mr Robot Book

The Mr Robot book follows the events that took place between season one and season two of the popular hacker drama. In the Mr Robot book, Elliot (portayed by Rami Malek in the TV show) dots down his deepest, darkest secrets and thoughts. The Mr Robot book offers a glimpse into the genius (and twisted) mind of Elliot and you get to know the character through his own words.

With the Mr Robot book, you also receive seven removable artifacts inspired the show as well as sketches throughout the book. The artifacts contained in the Mr Robot book includes a torn-out journal page, a newspaper snippet, a mysterious envelope and more exciting items inspired by the popular TV show.

The final episode of season 2 of Mr Robot aired in the US this week, making the Mr Robot book the perfect companion until the next season premiers.

You can pre-order your copy of this book for the ultimate fan of the hacker drama HERE. The book is set to be released in November 2016 for $29.95 (about R420).

Mr Robot recently received a ton of Emmy awards, including Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series for Rami Malek.

Are you a fan of the popular Mr Robot hacker drama? Let us know if you’ll be ordering your own Mr Robot book in the comments section below.

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