Pokemon GO has the world enthralled with the popular Pokemon franchise again. The franchise has been around since the 90s and everyone has gone Pokemon nuts again thanks to the mania the mobile game has caused. British clothing brand, HYPE has jumped onboard the trend and released a range of Pokemon clothes.

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The Pokemon clothes released by HYPE offers a fun, yet fashionable twist on a fan-favourite franchise that’s been revived thanks to Pokemon GO. The Pokemon clothes are really cute, yet trendy and feature your favourite Pokemon like Pikachu, Jigglyuff, Bulbasaur and other great references to the popular Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon clothes range from T-shirts with sweet Pokemon references to pull-overs, jumpers, joggers with Pokeballs on them and many more items.

Not only does HYPE’s Pokemon range feature Pokemon clothes, it also contains other cool accessories like caps, backpacks and bags. All of the items in the HYPE Pokemon range have their own unique Pokemon touches and references.

pokemon clothes

Unfortunately, the HYPE range only has Pokemon clothes for males, but that doesn’t mean females can’t wear them also. Many of the Pokemon clothes and items are already sold out, which isn’t surprising because the range is really awesome.

If you’re a fan you will be absolutely obsessed with the new Pokemon clothes by HYPE as the brand ensured that it paid proper tribute to the Pokemon franchise.

You can get certain HYPE clothing from local online clothing store, Superbalist, but unfortunately, the Pokemon clothes aren’t available locally.

Drop us a comment and let us know which of the Pokemon clothes and items from HYPE you dig the most.

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