Pokémon has been a popular franchise since the 90s and has been played in many different ways, most recently in the form of the popular Pokémon GO mobile game. The Pokémon story has also been told through different movies and TV shows, with Pokémon Generations being the latest Pokémon animation that will tell the popular Pokémon adventures.

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Starting today (16 September 2016), Pokémon Generations will be a bite-sized (3 to 5 minutes long) animation adventure YouTube episodes releasing weekly until 23 December 2016. Each Pokémon Generations episode will explore each stage of the Pokémon franchise, highlighting some of the popular Pokémon moments. The Pokémon Generations animation series will revisit Pokémon history, starting from the earliest days of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow all the way to Pokémon X and Y.

The 18 episodes of Pokémon Generations joins the current Pokémon craze that has the world enthralled thanks to Pokémon GO which has managed to make an establish franchise trending again. Pokémon Sun and Moon is also set to be released in November this year.

You’re able to catch Pokémon Generations for free online every Friday until 23 December 2016 at 9:00 Pacific Time (16:00 South African time) on the Official Pokémon YouTube channel. If Pokémon Generations makes you feel nostalgic you can watch all of the original Pokémon TV show episodes online for free HERE. You’re also able to watch all of the Pokémon movies online and explore the vast and popular Pokémon franchise which consists of tons of video games, trading card games and merchandise that can make any avid fan broke.

Has the Pokémon craze caught up with you yet? Or have you always been a fan of the popular Pokémon franchise? Are you going to be watching Pokémon Generations?

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