The Pokemon GO Buddy system has been rolling out for most iOS and Android users over the last few days.

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How The Pokemon Go Buddy System Looks

This Pokemon GO Buddy system is one of the more exciting updates to the popular Pokemon mobile game. Trainers are able to select a Buddy Pokemon from their Pokedex to accompany them on PokeWalks to earn Pokemon Candies.

Does this new Pokemon GO Buddy system let the Pokemon walk alongside your avatar in the mobile game’s map? Unfortunately, not. The Buddy Pokemon you’ve selected appears at the bottom of your screen when in the map view of the mobile game, while your avatar is still the only one appearing to move on the map. That means that Pikachu won’t be sitting on your should either, sorry.

Choosing The Right Buddy

With a wide selection of Pokemon to choose from in Pokemon GO to make your new Buddy could be a daunting task, but it’s actually very simple. As the main objective of this new Pokemon GO Buddy system is to have a Buddy Pokemon accompany you on walks to earn Candies, you will want to choose a Buddy Pokemon for which you need Candies.

Tips For Choosing A Buddy Pokemon

If you have a Pokemon like Pidgey or Weedle as your Buddy Pokemon you’re able to constantly Evolve your Pokemon to earn XP, as these don’t need large amounts of Candies for first level Evolutions. Also, you don’t need to walk them as far to earn Candies.

Pokemon like Pinsir that doesn’t have any Evolutions aren’t great Pokemon Buddy choices as all you can do with the Candies is Power Up your Pokemon.

Don’t choose a Pokemon just because it’s cute as you won’t see it accompanying you on PokeWalks and will only appear at the bottom of the screen.

This new Pokemon GO Buddy system is a great way to get rare Pokemon by Evolving them through walking a Buddy Pokemon to earn Candies. So choose Pokemon like Charmander (Evolves into Charmeleon which Evolves into Charizard) or MagiKarp (Evolves into Gyarados) to earn those Candies for Evolutions.

How To Select A Buddy Pokemon

Menu > Buddy Option (between Customize and Journal) > Select your Buddy Pokemon

Your selected Buddy Pokemon will have two white bubbles with smiling faces next to it in your Pokedex.

Switching Buddies

Your Buddy Pokemon choice isn’t set in stone and once you’re ready you’re able to switch to a different Buddy Pokemon. But be warned – switching to a new Buddy Pokemon will lose all your previous progress with your current Buddy Pokemon. Make sure you’re switching once you’ve completed the required kilometres and have collected your Candies or if you haven’t started yet, otherwise all your hard work will have been in vain.

Collecting Candy

Once you’ve selected your Buddy Pokemon, this new Pokemon GO Buddy system lets you earn Candies for that specific Pokemon when it accompanies you for PokeWalks.

The new Pokemon GO Buddy system works similar to hatching Eggs in the mobile game. You need to keep Pokemon GO running in order for your distance to be measured to be able to earn Candies in this new Pokemon GO Buddy system.

Certain Pokemon need to be walked only 1km to earn a Candy like Pidgey, where Pikachu needs to be walked for 3km to earn a Candy and Dragonite needs to be walked 5km to earn a Candy.

See Your Pokemon Progress

Menu > Buddy Option > This will give you your progress and how far you still need to go to earn a Candy.

The new Pokemon GO Buddy system is available now with the new Pokemon GO update version 1.7.0 for iOS and 0.37.0 for Android. Visit your app store to check whether the update has reached you yet.

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