The Pokemon GO Plus is the wearable device which acts as an accessory for the popular Pokemon mobile game.

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If you’re keen on getting a Pokemon GO Plus wristband then you’ll need to know how it works to be able to take your Pokemon GO game to a whole new level.


The hardest part in getting started with your new device is the assembly. You will need a tiny screwdriver to remove the back of the device to attach it to the wristband provided. There are easy to follow instructions in the box, but you will need to find your own tiny screwdriver.


As the Pokemon GO Plus is an accessory to the popular mobile game, you will obviously need to download the Pokemon GO mobile game on your smartphone.

Once you have the app installed you will need to pair it with your new device. To do this, remove the safety tab located on the side of the Plus device and press the button to see a white flashing light. This means that your Pokemon GO Plus device is now discoverable.

Open the Pokemon GO mobile game > Settings > Pokemon GO Plus > Available Devices > Select the Pokemon GO Plus.

You will get a notification that your Pokemon GO Plus is now connected to your smartphone and the device will vibrate and flash blue a few times.

You will now see a small logo of the Pokemon GO Plus on your map when you’re in the mobile game.

Understanding The Lights

You will notice your Pokemon GO Plus device has different lights it flashes for different things happening in the mobile game. The aim of the Pokemon GO Plus is for Trainers to be able to put their smartphones away and catch Pokemon, spin Pokestops and more using their wristbands, so you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the different lights.


The Pokemon GO Plus vibrates and flashes when there are Pokemon nearby to catch or when you’re in range of a Pokestop.

  • Green Flashing – A Pokemon you’ve caught before is nearby;
  • Yellow Flashing – A Pokemon you haven’t caught before is nearby;
  • Blue Flashing – A Pokestop is in range;
  • White Flashing – An attempted Pokemon catch is in progress;
  • Multi-Colour Flashing – A Pokemon has been caught; and
  • Red Fashing – The Pokemon ran away.

Catching Pokemon

Now that you know how the lights work, you might be confident enough to start using your Pokemon GO Plus to catch Pokemon.


When you attempt to catch a Pokemon using your Pokemon GO Plus you only have one chance. It’s not like when you’re playing on your smartphone where you usually have a few tries before you either catch a Pokemon or it runs away. With the wristband you only have one shot, meaning that if you don’t manage to keep the Pokemon inside the Pokeball the first try, it will run away.

One throw takes one Pokeball, which is a benefit in that you don’t end up using as many Pokeballs. But because you can’t aim or spin the Pokeball to ensure you catch a Pokemon the first time, you also don’t catch as many Pokemon as they run away more often with the Pokemon GO Plus.

You won’t have a choice of which balls to throw either and if you catch Pokemon using the Pokemon GO Plus, it always throws a normal Pokeball unless you don’t have any.

You get the average amount of Stardust and XP when catching a Pokemon with the Pokemon GO Plus and you get the normal 25 XP for fleeing Pokemon.

Tracking Steps

The Pokemon GO Plus wasn’t originally planned to be able to track Trainers’ steps, but this feature was luckily included. This means that you’re able to track your steps using the Pokemon GO Plus device (while the mobile game is running on your smartphone) to be used towards hatching Eggs or to collected Candies with the new Buddy System.

If you’re keen on getting your own Pokemon GO Plus device you can get yours HERE for R609.

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