Since Pokemon GO debuted earlier this year, Trainers have been begging for Pokemon GO trading. Trading is a huge part of the Pokemon trading card game, so it only makes sense that Pokemon GO trading should be introduced and it seems like it soon might be.

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Pokemon GO trading was even teased in the original teaser for the mobile game, but nearly 3 months later Trainers are getting anxious for some worthwhile updates and Pokemon GO trading could be the update we’ve been waiting for. Niantic Labs and Nintendo are surely planning on introducing Pokemon GO trading and Trainers have confirmed this by digging into the game’s code. By looking at the code in the latest update of the game, it was found that Pokemon GO trading might be imminent.

This is a summary of what the Pokemon GO trading system will be like, by looking at the code:

  • You are able to search for “Trading Players”;
  • You are able to create, cancel and complete Trade Offers;
  • You can currently trade only Pokemon;
  • No info on the visibility and range of Trade Search – it’s too early to say if you’ll be able to trade worldwide or not;
  • The trading seems resilient to “connection loss” and will retry once the connection is available again;
  • It’s inconclusive what type of connection trading will use, although it does communicate with the server side to load Trade offers and responses.

Pokemon GO trading would be a welcomed update to the mobile game. The latest update introduced a new Pokemon GO Buddy system, which allows Trainers to choose a Buddy Pokemon to take on walks and earn Candies.

Would you like a Pokemon GO trading system? Let us know what other Pokemon GO updates you’d love to see in future versions.

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