We might have no surprises left by the time Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon releases. At the rate that Nintendo is revealing all the game’s content, we will know exactly what is going on in the game when November 23 comes around. The latest Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon trailer landed yesterday, and it was packed full of content. Our favourite feature revealed in this new trailer is the return of Pokemon Snap.

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The trailer also revealed new characters of the Aether foundation. All of them look pretty cool, especially the lady with that awesome hairstyle that looks like a tent and we can’t wait to take a Pokemon Snap of her. The trailer also showcased a new mysterious Pokémon called Type: Null. The most mysterious part of this Pokémon is the way it has been created. It seems to be a hybrid of different types of Pokémon. You can see a fish fin, with dark legs, and perhaps a grass head.

Pokemon Snap

We also got a taste of what the Alola form of Raticate will look like, and boy, does he look adorable. The new form has chubby cheeks and keeps his mouth closed compared to the original form. He has also changed his type from Normal, to Dark/Normal. Nintendo revealed that the two versions of the game, will be set 12-hours apart, so different things will happen at different times in the game. Maybe it will force people to buy two copies of the game, rather than waiting to play it at night.

Pokemon Snap

The most exciting part of the trailer had to be the reveal of a Pokemon Snap minigame which has been built into the game. You will be able to pull out your camera at certain spots in the game and snap pictures of Pokémon in the wild. Your pictures will then be rated depending on the pose and style which you take them in.

Pokemon Snap is only one of the cool features we can’t wait to try out in the new game.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is set for release on 23 November for the 3DS family.

Are you excited about the return of Pokemon Snap and for the release of the game?

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