Either you love it or you hate it, but Pokémon GO can’t be avoided. It seems to be everywhere and has everyone trying to catch ’em all. But the mobile game madness can get a bit overwhelming and people aren’t always being safe while playing the game or have broken laws to capture difficult or rare Pokemon.

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Things have gotten so bad that France’s eduction minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem is reportedly meeting with Niantic Inc. to discuss removing rare Pokemon at schools in France. The minister explained during a press conference held in Paris, France that, while she doesn’t have a problem with the popular mobile game as a whole, rare Pokemon spawning in schools is of a safety concern as it encourages non-learners to wander onto school grounds. The minister intends to discuss with Niantic Inc. that the spawning of rare Pokemon in schools causes more strangers to walk onto school grounds and property. Vallaud-Belkacem explained that principals could already apply to a have their schools removed from the game’s map.

This request by the minister to have rare Pokemon prevented from spawn at schools in France is part of the country’s efforts to increase its security measures. France is currently still in an official state of emergency following the November 2015 terrorist attacks as well as the recent Bastille Day attack.

France is not the first country to see Pokémon GO as a safety concern, especially for children. In New York, legislatures have proposed a bill which requires mobile games, like Pokémon GO to keep its objectives 100 metres or more away from registered sex offenders.

Do you think Pokémon GO poses safety risks? Do you think rare Pokemon should be prevented from spawning at schools? Drop us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are on this mobile game which has taken the world by storm.

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