Destiny: Rise of Iron is releasing next week, and if you are a hardcore Destiny fan like we are, then you are probably pretty excited about it. We are grinding our way to make sure that when the game launches, we will benefit from the grind. There are certain things you can do in the game, that will make sure you are prepared for Rise of Iron.

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Edge Your Faction Reputation

Make sure to max out your factions so that when Destiny: Rise of Iron releases, you can level them up fully, and gain rewards. These rewards will range from engrams, to new shaders and emblems.  Destiny: Rise of Iron

We all know that Destiny: Rise of Iron, will be coming with brand new weapons and other goodies to collect. This way, you will be able to benefit from specific faction rewards and crucible rewards, without actually leveling up the specific rank from scratch again. These stats are best reached by completing the daily bounties, and weekly crucible bounties.

Legendary Marks

Legendary Marks are the best currency in Destiny, so if you plan on buying Legendary Engrams from the Cryptarch, or any faction weapons on day one of Rise of Iron, then stacking these Marks will be in your favor. You can get these Marks from playing in the crucible, completing daily matches, and even doing the daily and weekly strike playlist.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

You can also get Legendary Marks from dismantling legendary weapons and armor. So maybe it is time to clear out your vault? Get rid of all that terrible Oryx gear that you will never use again. Let us be honest, the Taken King Raid gear was terrible anyway.

Store Legendary Engrams

If you have any Legendary or normal blue Engrams around, then hold on to them. These Engrams will give you a chance of getting some new Rise of Iron gear when you decrypt them after the game launches.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

If you do not get any good gear from these Engrams on launch day of Rise of Iron, then you could dismantle the items for Legendary Marks. This means that if you are playing the game before the Rise of Iron launch, do not get rid of these Engrams, save them for another day. That day being the day Rise of Iron is live.

Save Up Planetary Materials

Do not dismantle any upgrade materials in the game. These materials like Relic Iron, and Spirit Bloom, can be used to upgrade materials in Rise of Iron. All the weapons and armour will use these materials to upgrade perks and stats increases in the game.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases on 20 September 2016 for PS4, Xbox One.

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