The Foschini Group (TGF) has developed an 8bit shopping video game to educate customers on the TFG eMall. Not only is the 8bit shopping video game fun, but it’s also useful as TGF is having a massive sale today called the TFG Shop Hop.

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Shopping video game 2

This cute shopping video game is called Super Stan and was inspired by Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Bros. The shopping video game is intended to teach online customers how to navigate the massive TFG eMall. And what better time to learn to use the online shopping portal than today when the TFG Shop Hop sale day is happening. The aim of the online shopping video game is to lead Super Stan through a mission to get as much merchandise from as many online stores as you can. Through your navigation, you’ll attempt to dodge evil shopping trollies and jump queues to ultimately complete this fun online shopping video game.

Shopping Video Game 1

Super Stan represents how easy online shopping can be for customers. This quirky character serves as a metaphor for the many benefits online shopping holds, like avoiding crowds, queues and people jamming shopping trollies into your ankles.

Not only does this online shopping video game teach you how to navigate through the TFG eMall, it can also be a way for you to win prizes ranging from tantalizing tech to online gift vouchers when you complete the game.

The TFG Shop Hop sale takes place today (09 September 2016), offering an array of discounts and bargains across the TFG eMall. The best part is that you’re able to do all your discounted shopping from the comfort of your couch. If you add goods to your online cart from three or more different TFG eMall store you’ll be entered into another prize draw to stand a chance to win Nespresso coffee machines or Samsung smartphones.

Be sure to check out this fun shopping video game HERE and the massive TFG Shop Hop sale HERE.

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