Sony’s latest Xperia X, is more or less a reboot of the Xperia Z range, but at the same time, the phone is making less of an impact on us than we thought. We love Xperia devices, but we fear the latest Xperia X and Xperia XA devices, are a sign that Sony needs a complete reboot of its mobile device range, to keep up with the other big tech giants in the world.

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The Xperia X, is in theory, the new flagship device from Sony, and the higher-end model of the Xperia XA. But does is feel like a new flagship device, or does it just feel like a cheaper knockoff?

Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia X Tech Specs

Display 5.0-inches (1080×1920)
Battery 2620mAh
Storage 32GB/64GB expandable up to 256GB
Waterproof No
CPU Hexa-Core (4×1.4GHz Cortex-A53 +2×1.8GHz Cortex-A72
Memory 3GB RAM
OS Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow
WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Dual Sim No
Camera 23MP Rear, 13MP Front
Network LTE
Colours Black, White, Lime Gold, Rose Gold
Price R9,899

 What’s In The Box?

You will not find anything different from an average phone box here.

  • Sony Xperia X device
  • Charger
  • Headphones
  • Charger cable


To say that the Xperia X feels just like the Xperia Z5 in every way, would not be a lie. The device looks and feels exactly the same as most Sony device we’ve tried out. The device has the same rounded edges, flat back and front, and the buttons are somewhat the same as the the Xperia Z range. The only difference in material is that the Xperia X now has a brushed aluminium back and sides, rather than the glass and metal seen in past models.


The lock button has a fingerprint scanner, a standard on phones today, but the deep bevel interferes with the scanning, and sometimes it fails. As for the photo button, it is placed in a nice spot, especially for taking photos with the amazing 23MP camera. We would’ve prefered to have the volume bottons to be placed at the side of the device because they are difficult to reach at the bottom. Previous Xperia devices needed a frustrating SIM removal tool to take the tray out, but the Xperia X now uses a pin. You will also not find any waterproof rating here, as the Xperia X is not dust or waterproof.

The Xperia X is not 4K, which in this case is great. The 1080p actually looks great, and is bright and vibrant no matter what you are using it for. There is no 4K gimmick to hold it back, so it is cheaper and easier on the battery. If anything, the extra brightness on the screen, makes it the brightest screen we have ever tested on a device. It is so bright that it literally lightens up a room in the dark.


Thanks to the device’s 3GB of RAM, and great CPU, it really performs at the top of its game. 32GB is the basic model, and that is more than enough internal space. There is then the 256GB SD support, which will never fill up. Day to day use of the device never gave us issues at all. Multitasking was smooth, and switching between apps and games, was done without any issues.

Sony Xperia X

If anything, the Xperia X might even have too much power for those looking to just use it for Facebook, WhatsApp, and of course Pokémon GO, but we can never really have too much power. Although, the Xperia X suffers from the same back heat as the past phones, at least this time it does not feel like you can fry and egg on it like the Xperia Z5.

Then we have the new Sony UI, which in all honesty is much better than the original. It’s not yet a standalone OS, but there is enough here to make it feel like something fresh and new. The only issue we have yet again, is the bloat apps that Sony insists on including on the device. They take up space, and they are constantly being updated. We then have our random notifications from these apps, which are really annoying at times. It makes you feel like you have no control over your own phone.

Sony Xperia X

The camera is okay, to say it is great, would beat around the bush here. 23MP is a lot of pixels, but then again, without improving on the basics of the camera like OIS, and the finer things like a better stabilization system, we cannot help but feel that Sony just pumped pixels into the camera for the sake of it. With so many devices including slow-motion features, as well as dual cameras, the 23MP just feels old-school. Sure, photos are great, but it is time to move onto something new and revolutionary now.

Battery life is what you can expect with a smartphone these days. Our iPhone 6 Plus still provides double the battery life of the Xperia X, and it is two years old. Streaming, basic use of the device, and all with 50% brightness, brought down the battery pretty quick, around 10% in 40 minutes. It is an average battery life, without any real positives or negatives.


The Sony Xperia X is a pretty neat phone, but with so many devices offering new features and better hardware, it is hard to back it up. OMLED screens, dual cameras, waterproof ratings, and the Xperia X has none of these.

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Sony Xperia X Review: Nothing new here
Sony is lagging behind with its latest Xperia flagship device. It feels like too much of the same thing.
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