So you have been playing Destiny: Rise of Iron and you have finished the main questline. We knocked it out in a few hours, to be honest. But what do you do now? What else has the expansion pack included that should be tackled? We have the perfect guide to getting the most out of your post-story experience that will, in theory, make sure you are ready for the Wrath of the Machine Raid.

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Tidy Up Quests

As soon as you complete the main game you will be given a couple of quests. These quests will see you head into the Plaguelands to explore them. You’ll also be able to participate in public events, pick up missions, and gather new items. Make sure you take every quest with you when you enter the Plaguelands patrol space, as they can all be completed simultaneously.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

The quests will also lead you to greater gear with higher light than your current equipment. In turn, you will start to get more quests as you complete these ones. The quests will then lead you to the two most important ones in the start of the Rise of Iron experience, the Black Gjallarhorn, and the ability to purchase Medallions from the Cryptarch in Fellwinter’s Peak, Tyra Karn. These Medallions grant special powers to your character, and the Gjallarhorn? Well, we all know what that beautiful gun does.

Take On Iron Bounties

Just like the past Destiny expansions, Rise of Iron has its own set of unique bounties you can take on that will help you during your experience. The bounties are specifically created to be completed in the Plaguelands, and will see you completing various tasks like killing a set amount of enemies and doing certain activities.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

These bounties can be collected from a vendor in Fellwinter’s Peak, and once completed you can just turn them in wherever you are. There is a chance of getting some better gear and even engrams from these bounties. Most of all you will get XP for all your new equipment.

Collect Dormant Siva Clusters

The Calcified Fragments are back, but this time there are only 15 to collect in the game. They are called Dromant Civa Clusters. These bright red objects will serves a purpose later in the game. What this is, is still unclear, but it is important to start collecting them.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

You will find them everywhere, carefully hidden away in areas. One of the easiest ones to find, is right at the top of Fellwinter’s Peak, but you will need to climb all the way to the top to find it. Be sure to always lookout for them, as we have a feeling that they will be vital to the upcoming raid.

Attempt Archon’s Forge

Destiny: Rise of Iron

In the Planguelands, you will find a place that kind of looks like the Prison of Elders. This is called Archon’s Forge. Here you will place Civa offerings to the panel and it will then start a wave-based combat arena. Survive the arena, and you will then be rewarded with gear and rare engrams. The higher the rarity of the Civa offering, the harder the waves will be, and the better the loot will be. We recommend taking in a team of players to help complete this arena.

Participate In Siva Crisis Strikes

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Once you are high enough light to participate in Strike Playlists, we recommend that you do. These strike playlists will help you gather higher gear to reach a higher light level. Remember, 385 light is the new cap, so you will need to invest some time into these playlists to gather better gear. There are new strikes in the game that will offer some pretty epic new gameplay experiences, so don’t look back.

Complete Your Rise Of Iron Record Book

Rise of Iron has a new record system, that sees you completing various tasks across the game, in order to unlock the Iron Lord Gear. These tasks include many of the things mentioned above, but as well as others. These include killing 2000 enemies on the Plaguelands, and completing Strikes.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

As you complete these activities, highlighted in your book, you will earn XP for the book and go up ranks. The higher you rank, the more gear you will be able to get, and this gear includes shaders, emblems, and equipment. If you ever feel like you have nothing to do, open up your book and there will always be something to do.

Overall the most important thing after you finish the main story line is to get better gear so you can participate in the upcoming events like Trials of Osiris, as well as the raid. Make sure you put all our effort into making this your main goal.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4, and Xbox One.

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