The Wolverine Workout is a 4-week program that helped Hugh Jackman create his badass body to portray the mutant with massive muscles.

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Wolverine’s signature retractable claws and bones are made from adamantium – an indestructible metal – making a beast with a body that is close to perfection. The Australian actor, Hugh Jackman was the perfect choice for the role and managed to transform his body within 4 months thanks to the Wolverine Workout.

The Wolverine Workout was created by personal trainer, David Kingsbury, for Hugh Jackman to sculpt the perfect body to portray this badass comic book character. Kingsbury and Jackman started working on the Wolverine Workout in preparation for The Wolverine standalone movies. Kingsbury described Jackman’s body as a “too lean” for his portrayal of the popular mutant and they needed to bulk him up using the Wolverine Workout. They had about 3-4 months to achieve the Wolverine look.

Wolverine Workout

The goal with the Wolverine Workout was to exceed any previous Wolverine portrayals in terms of muscle mass and leanness. Kingsbury describes the Wolverine Workout as a “very easy system to follow“.

The primary goals of this plan were to improve strength and size while keeping body fat to a minimum. We used a program that included progressive overload to ensure continual strength gains. The system may look complicated at first, but once you get started and have your numbers recorded, it becomes a very easy system to follow.

The Wolverine Workout is designed on a 4-week schedule, during which the reps for the main lifts are switched up weekly. The main lifts are:

  • Barbell Bench Press;
  • Back Squat;
  • Weighted Pull-Up;
  • Deadlift.

Along with the Wolverine Workout, Kingsbury worked out an eating program for Jackman to be able to achieve the best Wolverine look yet.

You can check out the Wolverine Workout HERE which easily breaks down each week’s exercises, how to calculate your 1 max rep, eating plan and more. Be sure to consult a professional to determine whether you’re in good health before attempting the Wolverine Workout or picking up any new form of exercise or eating plan.

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