World of Warcraft is a huge gaming franchise which could be daunting for beginners to get into. People have a misconception that World of Warcraft will take up all your time, or it is too hard to play and not even worth trying out. That is the general view on the series, but we decided to put it to the test. We took a complete World of Warcraft and PC gaming noob, and let her run wild with the latest entry into the World of War series, World of Warcraft: Legion. She created a character, learnt the basics of combat, and even went up a few levels by turning in some quests.

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If you are wondering how hard it is, or if you are a little curious to the game’s so-called difficulty, then watch the video to see how a World of Warcraft beginner copes during her opening hours of the game.

We have covered various guides on Legion, so be sure to take a look at them whether you are creating a new character, or getting into all the cool new Legion content and don’t know where to begin.

Legion is out now on PC and Mac, get yours HERE.

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